League Saw Its Duty In Protesting Clinton Charity Talk

Once again we must doff our black Baily hat to the fifty stalwart pro-lifers who showed up in front of the Chicago Hilton and Towers Hotel Monday to protest the appearance of Hillary Rhodham Clinton, militant pro-abortion and gay rights Democratic candidte for President of the United States.

Fifty Pro-Lifers Picket Clinton Talk

Added to the need we felt to publish broadly the fact of Clinton’s support for these moral evils, was the sad fact that the event she was being honored at was for a well known and much loved Catholic institution, Chicago’s own Boys Town, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.

It was a true shock to the many thousands of good people who have supported this beautiful and well loved charity over the past 130 years, to see an outspoken critic of the moral teachings of the Catholic Church honored at this graduation ceremony.

Was the money that important? Wouldn’t a bold decision to remove itself from Hilary have brought Mercy Homes a respect and renewed confidence far more value than a few dollars. As it is, former supporters all over the nation are now withdrawing their support for the important charity.

We wish they wouldn’t, but Catholics take their charities very seriously. Catholics must have full confidence in, and respect for, those institutions they support with their hard-to-come-by dollars.

Never-the-less, we saw our duty and would have protested a Clinton Chicago function no matter who was the recipient of the money she helped to raise. The League had protested her rival, Sen. Barack Obama, at his big day in Springfield last February. We like to be fair, and it was Hillary’s turn.

Media coverage was quite good and we hope the message is out loud and clear: a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for abortion and gay rights. Think about it.

More States Seek Partial Birth Bans

In the wake of the U. S. Supreme Court’s upholding of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Law, state legislatures are beginning to consider local bills that have been in limbo since an earlier high court ruling that held such bans unconstitutional.

The 4th and 8th US Circuit Courts of Appeals had struck down Nebraska’s law for not having a “health” exception. Virginia may challenge that ruling soon, and will probably win.

And in Missouri a motion will be filed asking the court of appeals to lift its injunction and allow them to ban partial birth abortions immediately.

But with the federal ban now the law, some ask why states want bans, and the simple answer is that local prosecutors are more likely to pursue state cases. Also, this would put local doctors under pressure from both state and federal prosecutors. Thirty-some sates have local laws against Partial Birth Abortion.

Keep Abortion Out of Aurora!

An abortuary in Aurora was closed last October to great pro-life rejoicing across the whole country. But recently local pro-lifers have seen ominous signs of a reopening of this death camp.

Aurora pro-lifers are holding a protest at the empty location and through the neighborhood this Saturday, May12, from 9 to 11 a.m. at Galena Blvd. and May St. in Aurora. Why don’t you help them keep abortion out of Aurora by joining them in this protest. You’ll never regret it, especially if your presence there helps keep the abortion mill closed.

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