League To Protest Hillary Clinton Luncheon in Chicago

If you want to see what happens when you love evil, read the commentaries on the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent 5-4 ruling supporting the partial birth abortion ban. The high court considers the ban to be constitutional and that particular grotesque form of abortion to be unnecessary.

Feminism is Fascism

But the abortion crowd—who never saw an abortion they didn’t like—can’t stomach the ruling. So they are making up stories to show that the ruling is wrong. To do this they say whatever lie comes to mind.

They try to convince us that partial birth abortions are absolutely necessary for some women. Though medical experts prove that partial birth is never medically indicated, and is in fact a dangerous procedure for women, and that it is only useful for the abortionist—to assure a dead baby and never a live birth—they lie that in some cases it is necessary for a woman’s health. Wrong.

Some anti-Catholic observers are even suggesting that this ruling violates the so-called separation of church and state fiction, because the five Justices who voted for the ban are Roman Catholics, while the four against the ban are pure-as-the-driven-snow impartial non-Catholics.

So it is important for the public to notice that when it comes to abortion, there can be no restrictions on abortion, because—for them—the only person present in an abortion is the woman, who has total and absolute rights to any form of killing she wants, no mater how barbaric, painful and degrading to the child, because for her there is no child. There is only her.

While normal people think this is selfish and inhuman and must be rare, it isn’t. The radical feminist movement is all about female dominance at all costs to the rest of society, and to the family. Most politicians and the entire secular media have given in to the feminist heresy. That’s how they got abortion legalized in the first place. Radical feminism is female fascism ,and the weak and immoral have bought it, lock, stock and barrel. We haven’t.

Hats Off to Attica Pro-Life Couple

I sent a letter to my supporters expressing my disappointment at the poor showing at the 35th Anniversary celebration for Fr. Paul Marx, O.S.B., in Minneapolis. Fr. Marx has been the main leader of the pro-life movement for forty years, who saw the disaster coming in the late l960’s when most of us were asleep. He helped get the anti-abortion movement started with books and speeches and later by founding Human Life International. He has traveled to eighty-some countries and heralded the advent of the death peddlers across the globe. Yet fewer than a hundred people attended the gala.

Meanwhile, his successor, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer brought the critical issue of contraception to the public in a debate with Sean Hannity of Hannity and Colms just days before the banquet, and was also being honored.

After the complaint in our letter, we suggested that in honor of these great activists so sorely neglected, and for the sake of the activism they promote, our supporters bring one more person into the activist movement by telling them about our activism.

Many did, and we have thanked them. But Thomas D. Lynch of Attica, NY went a step further, and sent a copy of our letter in his monthly newsletter—to Bishops, and pro-life directors, and legislators, editors, and even the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. We call that enthusiasm, and our hat is off to Tom and Eleanor Lynch of Attica, NY.

League To Protest Hillary

In Genoa Italy, Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco is being threatened with death for taking a stand against gay rights. In St. Louis, Archbishop Raymond Burke is being clobbered with criticism as a “bigot and bully” for mixing religion and politics for taking a stand against the appearance of pro-abortion fanatic Sheryl Crow as featured performed at a Catholic fundraiser, the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation. He pulled out when he learned Crow was the entertainer.

And right here in River City, the prestigious Mercy Boys and Girls Homes is being blighted by having Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for its main speaker. While we have spoken with the powers that be, it seems nothing can be done to drop her. Seems she was invited before any Catholic in a position of power could do anything about it.

But still, we must protest her presence at this gala, and we need active, concerned pro-lifers to attend our protest on Monday, May 7 at the Hilton and Towers on South Michigan at 11:00 a.m. Call us for information at 773-777-2900. It may take a village to raise a child, as Hillary reminds us, but it doesn’t take a pro-abortion senator from New York.

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