Lies of the Abortionists Would Put Pontius Pilate to Shame

When Christ told Pilate that those who hear Him belong to the truth, Pilate asked, “What is Truth?” But he didn’t wait for an answer. He didn’t really care about the truth. As a pragmatist, he saw that killing Christ was the expedient thing to do. Listening to the truth wasn’t.

The Truth about Partial Birth Abortion

The abortionists are like Pilate. Truth means nothing to them. They care nothing about killing babies—or even women, for that matter. They want every abortion legal , the right to kill left intact. They want it their way even if they have to lie, cheat and kill to keep their precious right to abortion.

Read the garbage they’ve pulled out to try to convince the public that partial birth abortion is necessary, and saves women’s lives. Nonsense. Partial birth abortion is for one purpose only—to assure that there is never a live baby, since that’s a real problem for partial birth abortion providers. Ask any partial birth executioner in an unguarded moment and he’ll admit it.

So their decrying the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the partial birth abortion ban is one big lie. Lies are ugly, and ugly people lie. They have to&damsh;the truth would kill them. But lies are easy to detect, and ultimately destroy the liar.

Mexico Caves to Abortion

That’s what just happened in Mexico City. The Legislative Assembly led by the godless Democratic Revolutionary Party forced abortion-on-demand on the people. A vote of 46 to 19 in their legislature trumped the will of the people, the plea of the Holy Father, the laws of God, and human nature.

So in time Mexicans will find out what all those plagued with abortion have found out—they’re on their own, and the direction is straight down.

The Truth Hurts—If You’re a Liar

And a living example of the lie that abortion is a solution to problems is 14-year old Donna Joy Vance who was supposed to be aborted through the partial birth technique, having one’s brains sucked out, because she had “brain abnormalities incompatible with life.” But her mother, Lori Lynne, said no, and now it is found that Donna Joy had a major role in the passing and confirmation of the partial birth abortion ban.

At the request of Sen. Rick Santorum, Donna and her mother visited scores of Senators and Representatives during hearings, and won many hearts. Legislators had to deal with a reality—a little girl who had many problems and many brain operations and wasn’t supposed to live, but who became a healthy, beautiful young woman.

Yet her mere presence was so disturbing to some pro-aborts that one, Senator Barbara Boxer of California, had Donna Joy ejected from the Senate Gallery before the arguments on partial birth abortion began on the floor.

Attorney Firings Linked to Porn Crack-Down

A National Catholic Register front page article April 22, says the U.S. Attorney firings that have Roberto Gonzales in trouble, are linked to efforts by that department to crack down on Pornography. Attorney Patrick Truman, head of the Child Exploration and Obscenity Section of the Department of Justice, told the Register that he and other lawyers concerned about the lax enforcement of obscenity laws, met with the FBI to complain about the limp war on pornography.

Aware of the criticism of the Justice Department’s failure, Gonzales set up the Justice Department Obscenity Prosecution Task Force, and went to work. Now it appears that some of his firings hinged on non-compliance with the Department’s new crack down on pornography.

Apparently some of the firings angered the mainline media, some bloggers and some liberal Democrats. Many believe this is the basis for the efforts to dump Gonzales. Though Truman says it’s not quite that simple, it certainly sounds logical enough to take a further look and to stay tuned.

Northern Irish Petition Against Abortion

Bernie Smyth of Precious Life in Belfast, Northern Ireland, says fifty-thousand signature of those opposing abortion were delivered to Parliament while marchers held signs stating, “Abortion—Not In My Name.” Every county in Northern Ireland was represented.

In January guidelines on the Termination of Pregnancy were issued by the Department of Health in a back door effort to introduce abortion into the Northern Ireland. The 50,000 signatures were gathered in less than ten weeks. Leave it to Bernie!

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