First Restriction on Abortion in 34 Years Is Overdue

Finally, after thirty-four years and three months, the United States Supreme Court that gave us abortion on demand for the full term of pregnancy for any reason or no reason, by any means the butcher wanted to use, has put a restriction on one abortion method, by upholding the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.

Overdue Restriction on Late Term Abortion

This means the gruesome practice of sucking out a baby’s’ brains with a powerful vacuum machine while the baby’s body is completely outside the mother’s body, is against the law. Abortionists now doing partial birth abortions faces three years in jail and fines.

Abortion groups like Planned Parenthood, NOW, NARAL Pro-Choice America, NAF, the ACLU, and other death peddlers are having fits. One of their abortion tools has been taken away. Their own deceptive arguments used during the long debate has left them confused. They have denied the term, “partial birth abortion,” and its description for so long that their doctors will be wary of performing some abortions that may bot be partial birth. We hope so.

They say in one breath that women will die in droves for want of a partial birth abortion, and in the next breath that only 2,000 such abortions are performed each year. They are in a panic over this 5-4 ruling. Just listen to them cry.

We do hope many woman and their babies will be saved by this ruling, and that it may herald the beginning of the end of Roe v. Wade. This is a red letter day for pro-life, for the unborn, and for America’s future.

It is significant that Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the decision, and is now being referred to as part of ” the conservative majority.” We will have to see more of his votes go our way before we believe he’s had a real conversion, but maybe the loss of his liberal pal Sandra Day O’Connor and the company of the four brilliant conservatives now on the court—John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Sam Alito—is having its influence on him. Conversions do happen, and maybe this is starting to be one. We all hope so. Say a little prayer.

All Abortions Are Barbaric

Meanwhile, it is sad and irrational, that we have even been arguing that one form of abortion is so much worse than another form that we have to ban one and allow all the rest. To the baby having being killed, what does it matter which form of abortion is used?

We live in a perverse society that has to argue how much vicious brutality is too much brutality to use in killing a baby. We are a truly sick nation that condones any form of immorality if it satisfies some selfish need.

It is a shame that the first help unborn children get from the highest court in the land after 34 years, and which to date has destroyed fifty-million of them, is disallowing a form of infanticide that sickens one to talk about. It is a shame that four justices of the Supreme Court still doggedly defend this infanticide in the name of a right that doesn’t exist in the Documents they’re sworn to defend.

Seven judges invented it in 1973 and thirty-four years later four judges still think it’s a good decision, and the law of the land. A judicial invention no one has ever had, or will ever have. But through it all we must force ourselves to recognize the truth that God loves us and watches over us and waits for our reclamation. So we must keep fighting, and waiting for the time when He makes all things new.

Canadian Abortionists Try To Silence Pro-Lifers

Canadians in New Brunswick are fighting to protect their right to talk women out of abortions in front of the mills. The National Abortion Federation and other abortion groups are demanding that “safe zones” be set up around abortion mills and abortionists’ offices to keep pro-lifers away. They say protesters are violent.

Canadian pro-lifers violent? Are they kidding? The pro-aborts in are particularly angry with New Brunswick lawmakers who refuse to fund abortions in the province. Gays are angry because the province does not sanction gay marriage. We’ll be following this conflict closely.

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