Wanton Killing—What You Can Do about It

What the world saw on Monday on the Campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg was wanton destruction of human life, at least thirty-two murders, one suicide and nearly thirty wounded.

You Can Stop Wanton Killing

The world reacted as it should, with a sense of disbelief, regret, a sense of loss, waste and confusion. Innocent lives were snuffed out needlessly, aimlessly, diabolically, by the will of a crazed psychopath. Every person’s death is a loss to society, and society can only sink into a melancholy with the question, unanswered, “Why?”

I don’t know anyone killed or wounded Monday in Blacksburg, but I feel the loss of every one of those killed. Even the killer is pitiful: he needed help. Could one of us have helped him? Could you or I have saved anyone if we had been there? Could you or I have knocked the killer out? Could we have talked him out of killing?

If you at least feel like that, and are asking those questions—as I am—hold on to that feeling and keep asking those questions. You may be able to put them to good use. Maybe you can help the next killer of the innocent.

Maybe you can talk a woman out of killing her own child. Maybe she’ll listen to you. That feeling of disgust and loathing at the senseless taking of innocent lives can save lives. Every day. In the meanwhile, may they rest in peace.

Fewer Abortionists in England

The poor old abortion crowd in England is having a terrible time—the doctors there don’t want to do abortions anymore. The exodus of doctors able to perform abortions has plunged the abortion business into chaos.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists—RCOG—is in a panic. Even the nurses don’t want to cooperate in helping with abortions. Distaste for the procedure plus conversions that make conscientious objectors out of many former baby-killers are taking a toll of providers. Many are suffering from the so-called ” dinner party test.” Who wants to admit at a dinner party that they are an abortionist? Very few.

The British public still like abortion and think it should be legal, but it’s the providers who don’t want to do it anymore. The doctors are angry that with all the contraception available, women keep getting pregnant and make them, “Cleanup their mess.”

Abortion in England is considered to be low status and unglamorous. Yet the so-called “need” for abortionists in England has doubled now standing at 190,000 per year. One in three English women has had an abortion. Yuk.

Yet any doctor with a conscientious objection to doing abortions must be allowed to opt out, and more and more of them are doing just that. Young doctors don’t even take the training in med school. That leaves the killing art to fewer and fewer abortionists, and they complain of being overworked. “Nobody slaps you on the back for doing a good abortion,” they say. “It’s a thankless task.” Good.

Cop Demands Abort, at Gunpoint

In Mount Pleasant SC a police officer held a gun to the baby-sitter’s head and told her to have an abortion or he would kill her. He drove her to the mill where their baby was killed. Now officer not-so-friendly, Jerrod Frazier, could possibly face a FACE violation.

The FACE bill that has been used on pro-lifers accused of denying a woman her right to reproductive care by trying to stop her from having an abortion, could conceivably be used against Frazier for denying Felicia Cooper, 19, the reproductive health care she wanted—pre-natal care, that is. She didn’t want an abortion, she wanted a baby.

Wouldn’t that be a turn-about, a law designed to punish pro-lifers who try to stop abortion, now used to put a pro-abort cop in jail for a few years for forcing an abortion on his girl friend. Oh, happy day. All Officer Frazier is facing now is a simple assault charge for threatening to blow out his girlfriend’s brains with his side arm. We’ll be watching this case. Carefully.

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