Pro-Abort “Catholic” Kissling Retires, Slams Leftist Allies

Monday is the solemnity of the Annunciation, since it fell on a Sunday. Our Mass in our St. Joseph’s Chapel in our office was celebrated by Scripture scholar, Fr. William Welch.

Pro-Life Feast Day

The Annunciation is the pro-life feast, which celebrates the moment Jesus came into the world at Mary’s conception through the Holy Spirit. It’s the feast of joy and hope, because it’s the feast of our salvation.

Father Welch linked the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah, much of its symbolism such as the importance of the Arc of the Covenant, a name we give now to Mary, with the whole divine plan for our redemption. His sermon made us aware of how fortunate we are to be blessed with the revelation allowing us to know God’s plan.

It makes us wish everyone could know what we know. It challenges us to “go and teach.”

Bishops Censure Maguire

Here’s good news our of Washington DC: a committee of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops has finally criticized Dan Maguire of Marquette University for teaching false doctrine on abortion, homosexual marriage and contraception. Maguire, a former priest, has been a thorn in the Church’s side for many years.

Recently, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, new head of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, called Maguire’s heretical teachings “preposterous and disturbing,” and the Committee on Doctrine of the USCCB declared his views contrary to the Catholic faith.

“We concur that despite his claims to authority as a Catholic theologian, the views of Professor Maguire on contraception, abortion and same sex ‘marriage’ are not those of the Catholic Church and indeed are contrary to the Church’s faith.” They called his teachings irresponsible. It’s about time.

Kiss-Off from Kissling

In resigning her position as head of Catholics for a Free Choice, Frances Kissling lashed out at the Catholic Left as unresponsive and gradually losing respect and effectiveness. Stepping down after 25-years as president, at $200,000 a year, Kissling now acknowledges their small membership, admitting that all of these so-called Catholic groups have almost no members, calling them “non-entities.”

She said Voice of the Faithful can’t mobilize Catholics, Call to Action and Dignity, and the Women’s Ordination Conference are so small that even they doubt that they really exist. Linking up with the Democrats was a mistake, Kissling says.

Discarding religious symbols, and even religious habits, hurt them. They don’t even appear to be Catholic, and it bothers them. Some are shy about being pro-abortion. Kissling thinks Roe’s days are numbered, too. She says she will spend her retirement looking for “common ground” in the battle over abortion.

Vatican Appeal to Catholic Health Workers

In other news, the Vatican is calling on Catholics to fight government efforts to force immoral practices in the medical field. It is calling on pharmacists, physicians, nurses and hospital administrators to mobilize against secular inroads that force them to take part in abortion, contraception, euthanasia and other immoral practices.

These practitioners must protect the rights of conscientious Christians, the Vatican says, as well as the rights of all human beings, but especially the weakest and most defenseless.

Pro-Life March in Mexico

In Mexico City on Sunday, pro-lifers held a huge march against abortion, led by Cardinal Norerto Rivera, to the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe where he said Mass. The battle over abortion in Mexico raises the question of whether Catholic Mexico ( 90% ) will remain Catholic or become just another secular Catholic country like France or Spain.

More Focus on Pregnancy Centers

There was a front page story on crisis pregnancy centers in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune. While it repeats the tired old story about some CPC’s pretending to be abortion clinics to draw patients in, the article by Judy Peres is, we believe, far more pro-CPC than anti, whatever Peres’ intention might have been.

Take a close look at the icy, defiant glare of Allyson Kirk who had her baby killed despite pro-life offers of help. Then look at Janeen Daniels’ smiling face as she holds 3-year old Steven, saved by CPC counselors. His mother says the CPC was a godsend. She can’t imagine life without Steven.

We wonder how Allyson really feels about the baby she killed? And how will she feel about it ten years from now?

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