Abortion Museum Opens in Austria

Vienna, Austria has the questionable distinction of having a new kind of museum featuring contraception and abortion, set up by abortionist Christian Fiala who runs an abortion mill in Vienna. He is chairman of the International Association of Abortion and Contraception Specialists.

Austrian Museum Hails Abortion

One room of his museum in devoted to all manner of contraceptive devices and drugs and another concentrates on abortion paraphernalia. While pro-lifers strongly oppose the presence of this museum and refer to Fiala as the leader of European abortion, Fiala is proud of his collection and insists that there should be absolutely no restrictions on abortion. Limiting abortion, Fiala says, is a carry over from a male-dominated society.

We wonder if Fiala has the frightening instruments in his museum that can be seen at the Grantham Collection.

Car Crash “Caused” an Elective Abortion?

An Illinois state appellate court has ruled that a Chicago woman, Michelle Williams, can go ahead with a wrongful-death claim filled after an automobile accident left her with a pelvic injury that made her decide to have an abortion. She says John Manchester, through negligence, caused the accident that “necessitated” the abortion, and that he should pay for her loss.

Manchester’s attorneys say he should not be held responsible for the loss of the child because Williams freely chose to have an abortion, and that the child had not been injured in the accident but was killed by the abortion.

SC May Require Ultrasound before Abortion Choice

A bill that is most likely to pass, according to local legislators, has been introduced in South Carolina and would mandate that a woman seeking an abortion be shown an ultrasound of her baby before she finalizes her decision. Other states make ultrasound available but give the woman an option of viewing it. The South Carolina bill would be the first in the country to make the viewing of the ultrasound image of the baby mandatory.

Hand-Slap for Euthanasia in France

A court in Perigueux, France, has sentenced Dr. Laurence Tramois to a one-year suspended prison sentence for poisoning a terminally ill cancer patient. Euthanasia is illegal in France, but there is a movement to make it legal and this token punishment is an indication that it may be coming.

Brownback Backs Pace

Republican Senator Sam Brownback says Marine General Peter Pace should not be punished for saying that homosexual acts are immoral. Brownback said such acts are a form of adultery. He also said that while he doesn’t say the homosexual himself is immoral, homosexual acts certainly are, and that the Catholic church “has clear teachings on this.”

Kissling To Resign

Pro-abortion leader Frances Kissling, who has been pretending to be a Catholic lo these nearly thirty years as she headed up the so-called “Catholics for a Free Choice” organization, is retiring at last. Even her own followers constantly question their Catholicity: “The constant refrain in this office is, ‘Are we really Catholics?'” Ms. Kissling said in a recent interview.

She tells them they don’t have to agree with the Church on issues of abortion and contraception to be Catholic. Kissling, who spent six months in a convent, also ran an abortion mill in New York with no experience, and took over Catholics for a Free Choice in 1978.

She does have some respect for the unborn child, once writing an article about the child titled, “How to think about the Fetus,” saying that while the fetus might not be a person, it is part of the continuum of humanity, and that the fetus “is not nothing.”

She says there are days when she thinks she can’t go on being a Catholic, but in the end she still wants to be a member of “the greatest religion in the world”! Too bad she isn’t.

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