Help Fight Anti-Family Bills in Illinois

Here’s a list of dangerous pieces of legislation that our liberal Illinois politicians will be trying to jam down our throats this session. Having lost all sense of right and wrong, human decency, and justice that these public servants are supposed to adhere to, they want to make us pay for destroying innocent human beings, corrupt our youth, take away parental rights and impose all kilnds of moral turpitude on us in the name of the law.

Host of Evil Bills in Illinois

Just listen to this and then do what you can to rectify it and make sure these atrocities don’t become Illinois law. Call your legislators, write them, get in touch with their mothers, their grade school teachers, their pastors, their wives, even their children. But do something!

Appeal to whatever good might still be buried in their souls and their consciences, because here are the bills their trying to enact:

  • HB 138 and HB 139 to make us give $25 million dollars for embryonic stem cell research and the cloning of human beings in order to get their parts
  • HB 115 to force HPV Vaccine on all minor girls
  • HB 317 to repeal the 1995 Parental Notification Law and allow a minor girl to get approval for an abortion from virtually anyone except her parents—a distant relative, a friend, a minister of any kind, a doctor, you name it
  • HB 1077 to allow Plan B to be sold to minors over the counter
  • SB 85 to allow same-sex partners to receive death benefits, and
  • SB 362, that would allow state health insurance to cover same-sex partners.

All of these proposed laws show just how sick our General Assembly is.

Call your Illinois State Senator and Representative to object to these proposed bills, but be polite, because people without a conscience are very touchy and get angry easily. I know from experience. The Springfield phone is 217-782-2000. To get your representatives’ phone numbers call 630-790-8370.

CA Kids March in Gay Pride Parade

In the “Will Wonders Never Cease” file is a story out of San Diego of School Superintendent Carl H. Cohn, getting into hot water for not stopping elementary school children from marching in the city’s gay pride parade featuring pornographic imagery.

Apparently children from the San Diego Cooperative Charter School were permitted to march in the parade with the consent of their parents. The Superintendent’s office says Cohn was not aware of these plans until the march was over. This is a bit hard to believe since the parade had been in the works for some time and others were aware of the Charter School’s plans to have students enter the parade.

But Community Child Protection Advocate Jim Hartline did complain, and eleven others have joined him to make sure this never happens again. While the twelve do not have children in the Charter School, they had tried to alert the community to the planned event in order to prevent the children from taking part in it, but said the school board saw nothing wrong with the children joining the march.

Worse still is the fact that out of 1,700 churches in the San Diego County, not one pastor showed up at a meeting held by the concerned group prior to the march. Many of these pastors had been begged to intervene and help prevent this travesty but none responded. Hartline says it harkens back to the 1930’s in Germany when the pastors did nothing to stem the Nazi’s persecution of the Jews and ended up with the Holocaust. The same apathetic spirit leaves our own children unprotected and subject to immorality and spiritual destruction, a holocaust against our own offspring, Hartline said.

What is more tragic even than the pastors’ indifference to this moral tragedy is the fact that the children’s’ own parents gave permission for them to march in this gay pride parade, so that they, the parents, could claim political correctness. That’s pretty hard to believe—submitting your own children to all kinds of moral danger just so Mom and Dad can claim that they’re broad minded.

It’s easy to blame a school board or a superintendent—but a child’s parents! Thank heavens for the dozen concerned citizens who are upset enough to bring this travesty to public attention.

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