Stop Illinois SB4—Satanic Stem Cell Bill

The Illinois Senate has passed a bill ordering the state to use tax dollars to finance human embryonic stem cells research. The bill passed 35 to 23 and now moves on to the house for further debate.

Illinois SB4—”Satanic Bill 4″

This satanic bill would force taxpayers to finance the destruction of human life for purposes of experimentation that involves taking parts of a young human in its embryonic state, in an effort to find cures for human diseases.

Sponsor of the bill is Sen. Jeff Schoenberg of Evanston. He wants the state to pour $25 million of your tax money into this useless and lethal research.

Such experiments so far, using private funds, have had no successes, but only monstrous results, some of them resulting in the death of the patient. If the experiments were in the least successful and promising, the government would not have to use tax money.

Private firms would be champing at the bit to do these experiments with the promise of financial gain. The fact that they have to vote taxpayer’s money for these useless experiments says a lot about their success rate.

Besides, the determination to get tax money is a political ploy to try to justify in vitro fertilization by finding a use for leftover stem cells. In any event, using tax money for destruction of human life is unconscionable.

Contact your state representative now and tell him or her to vote against taxpayer funding for embryonic stem cell research. To look up your elected officials call 630-790-8370.

Iowa To “Clone and Kill”

Poor old Iowa. Their legislature has just passed what is popularly known as the Clone and Kill Bill, which repeals a long time human cloning ban in Iowa. This bill will allow scientists to clone human being purely for research that will kill the new human beings in the process of the experiment. The bill was passed by a margin of two votes, one of which was an unfortunate mistake of a pro-lifer hitting the wrong button, and the other was a switch-over by a Judas.

Ultrasound To Help Reduce Abortion in NY

Our hat is off to good old Chris Slattery of New York who is launching a new life-saving program in the Bronx. Chris, founder of EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers, who runs fifteen Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the New York Metropolitan area, is going to take a 32-foot ultrasound-equipped van to the abortion mills and invite women to see their baby before they go ahead with an abortion.

“We want them to see the baby, hear the heartbeat and think seriously about what they’re doing,” Slattery says. The pro-aborts are furious, but have to admit that “it’s a new tactic to get themselves right in front of women seeking abortions,” according to Mary Alice Carr of NARAL Pro-Choice New York.

Chris has been fighting in the courts of New York for years simply to keep his centers open as the pro-aborts sue him for “deceptive practices,” since some women claim they thought they were going to an abortion clinic when they went into one of his centers.

This new program should cut down on many abortions, since studies show that when a woman sees her baby she bonds with the unborn child and finds it difficult to go through with an abortion. Now that’s what we need in Chicago.

Abortion Instruments

Meanwhile, check out Randy Grantham’s very important website, The Grantham Collection of abortion instruments, and see what kind of cruel devices the baby-killers have used over the years to destroy the helpless victims of this gruesome practice of infanticide. Enlarge the pictures and read the descriptions. You’ll think you’ve had a quick glimpse of Hell.

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