League Thrusts Obama’s Pro-Abort Record into the News

Happy 198th Birthday of President Abraham Lincoln. I almost said Barack Obama, since the newly announced Democrat contender for President of the United States is trying so hard to put on the mantel of the Great Emancipator that he is probably wishing he were born on Lincoln’s birthday.

Obama’s Pro-Abort Record Exposed

We were there Saturday in Springfield right in front of the old Capitol building, about forty strong, with signs, pictures of aborted babies and placards that read Life Yes, Obama No! One sign from a downstate group who joined the protest and in fact got there before us, read, What if his momma had aborted Obama?

We did chant off and on during the event, but early on we were ordered by a huge park district officer not to use a battery powered amplifier with the caveat, “I’m just warning you one time!” Fortunately, with fifty strong pro-life voices, a bull horn was not necessary to be heard.

Much of the media covered our protest and we were reported in the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Daily Herald, that we know of, and appeared on WMAQ-TV, Channel Five in Chicago. If you saw a report on our pro-life protest, please contact us with a reference for contacting that reporter.

We believe our appearance at Obama’s Springfield talk was a big success, since it introduced the abortion debate into Obama’s nomination campaign. Tribune reporter Christi Parsons had the foresight to see that and wrote, “their presence was a not so subtle reminder that his future as a presidential candidate won’t be as easy as the months leading up to it.” How true.

And a Daily Herald story Monday says, “As Obama spoke, a crowd of as many as 40 anti-abortion protesters held graphic abortion signs and tried to drown him out with chants of ‘Life yes, Obama no.’ ‘The Senator has said that he is not infallible, and that he could be wrong on his position on abortion. We wanted to show him just how wrong he is by letting him see these pictures,’ said Joseph Scheidler, national director of the Pro-Life Action League. Obama opposes most restrictions on abortion rights.”

As a follow-up to our Saturday protest in Springfield, Sandy Rios of WYLL on Monday interviewed us to see if we considered the protest a success. We told her that we do because it probably accomplished our goal of introducing the abortion issue into the debate, something we believe has to be done if Obama’s true character is to be understood by the electorate.

We do not plan to follow him around since all Democrat contenders will be pro-abortion and their pro-abortion positions are generally well known. Obama’s wasn’t, but now it is.

Abortion Still Illegal in Portugal—For Now

Thanks to many prayers from across the world and a low voter turnout in Portugal, a referendum to make abortion easier to get in that Catholic country failed, and a strict anti-abortion law stays in force.

The Portuguese prime minister Jose Socrates, leader of the Socialist Party, says he will soften up the strict laws through legislation. At present abortion is allowed for cases of rape, fetal malformation and health of the mother, in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

Portugal has the most restrictive laws on abortion of any country in the European Union, though it is still a rather broad law easy to circumvent. This the second time in ten years that pro-abortion forces have been unable to get enough votes to change the law.

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