Barack Obama Must Face the Truth on Abortion

We will be busy Friday preparing for our Saturday trip to Springfield, IL for a Face the Truth tour at the Old State Capitol, coincidentally on the same day and at the same place as Democrat presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama will be announcing his entrance into the nomination battle.

Obama Must Face the Truth

Obama says he grieves over every abortion, but he also votes for abortion because it is a woman’s right, in consultation with her family, her doctor, etc. You’ve heard it all before. It’s known as the “cop-out” position on abortion: “I don’t like it but I vote for it.”

Anyway, we’ll be there to let Obama know that we have the arguments and the resources that could help him change his mind and opt out of his pro-abortion stand—and help him become a militant pro-life activist.

If you want to go with us, just come to the League Office at 5:45 a.m. Saturday morning. We will leave at 6:00 sharp! We will have some vans, or you can drive down in your own car in caravan with our group.

Abortion Providers Arrested in Florida

Two abortion clinic operators have been arrested in Miramar FL. Belkis Gonzales was arrested and jailed on two felony counts relating to two illegal abortions at Miramar Women’s Center. She has been released on bond, while her partner, Siomara Senises was arrested but the cause of her arrest is uncertain.

These two arrests are part of a general investigation by the Miramar Police Department Information Office that began more than two years ago. These two recent arrests are part of eight arrests that have now resulted from the investigation. One Miramar abortionist has fled the country.

Among other crimes, Gonzales and Senises allowed unlicensed personnel to do abortions and other medical services prohibited by law. They are also charged with violating a “born alive” protection law.

But God Is Pro-Life

In Orange County, CA Planned Parenthood is sponsoring a “God, Faith, Women and Choice” seminar on Thursday, February 8, to celebrate the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Fake clergy and pseudo-religious groups will be on hand to try to make abortion appear as a positive good.

Also on hand will be a group of pro-life young people known as “The Survivors,” to rain on Planned Parenthood’s phony parade. The party will be at the Temple Bat Yahm in Newport Beach, CA. Call Serena at 714-922-4132 and tell her that while you can’t make it to their party, they should all be ashamed of themselves for being in the business of killing babies.

Molly Ivins Dead—Say a Prayer

Long-time newspaper columnist Molly Ivins is dead. Molly was a passable writer and was very imaginative and attacked about every issue making the headlines, but she was a flaming liberal who came down on the wrong side of nearly every moral issue. Never-the-less, in a humorous way she tackled them sometimes with unusual insight, and sometimes, though not often, got it right.

In any event, she now has had a good long stare at the truth and may be wishing she had taken religion a bit more seriously when she had a public forum. I’m sure she is taking it seriously now. Say a prayer for her.

Mary Angela Arens, Rest in Peace

Also recently deceased is long time pro-lifer, Mary Angela Arens, partner of the House of Hanson, a religious supply company, who died Sunday. She will be waked at the Ryan Park Funeral Home, 120 South Northwest Highway in Park Ridge. Mass is at 10:00 AM Friday at St. Paul of the Cross in Park Ridge. Interment is in Mayhill Cemetery.

Fr. Stitt’s Contraception Homily

And by the way, we now have available Fr. Bryan Stitt’s excellent sermon on contraception [PDF], delivered at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Plattsburgh, NY on January 14 and mentioned in my January 16 Action News Hotline.

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