Court Orders Illinois To Offer “Choose Life” Plates

Kelly Culwell, a Chicago obstetrician-gynecologist, is sad to learn that Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is planning to enforce Illinois’ Parental Notification law that has been sitting idle for twelve years.

Killer Kelly Rues Notification Law

What horrifies Culwellthe thought that forcing young girls to tell their parents about their plans for major surgery will delay the operation by two whole days, or perhaps the girls might decide not even to kill their babies at all. Horror of horrors, to think that these girls may skip letting Kelly kill their children, and deprive her of her killing fee.

Kelly asks if we really want a young girl who suddenly finds herself inexplicably pregnant, to delay having her child killed? Do we want her to try to induce an abortion, rather than have one at the compedent hands of Killer Kelly?

Don’t we really prefer that she rush off to competent Kelly, or even some other front alley abortionists, or a trusted friend? Is the young girl really ready to become a mother?

You can guess Kelly’s answers.

Dr. Culwell admits that parental notification is constitutional, but she wants it repealed at once. How dare parents have a say in a surgery that will kill their grandchild, when Dr. Kelly knows so much more about what their own child really needs. Repeal this unnecessary and unsafe law post haste, Kelly urges.

Choose Life Plates Come to Illinois

While we were in Washington DC for the March for Life, word reached us that Judge David Coar back in Chicago had ordered the Illinois Secretary of State’s office to begin manufacturing “Choose Life” License Plates by the end of February, if at least 850 plates have been ordered by then.

Secretary of State Jesse White has been trying to keep the plates off the market for years, and is upset with Coar’s order. White is asking Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to appeal the decision. White insists that the plates must be approved by the Illinois legislature, but he has interfered with a vote, and after two failed attempts, Choose Life Illinois in 2004 filed suite against White.

Among plaintiffs in the suite are Chicago Bears owner Virginia McCaskey and Scott and Janet Willis whose six children were killed in a 1994 crash blamed in part on corruption of the Secretary of State office.

Eighteen states have Choose Life plates. Pro-abortion state leaders seem to be terrified of the Choose Life slogan. Wonder why? We hope to have these plates on our cars this spring.

Funeral for Born-Alive Victim Delayed

Funeral services for an aborted baby girl in Hialeah, FL have been postponed because her body may be needed for evidence that she was aborted alive and then allowed to die, changing a legal abortion into a murder.

The 18-year-old mother said she saw the baby breathing when a clinic worker put the baby in a bag. Later someone threw it on the abortion clinic roof, then returned the bag with the baby to the abortion clinic, where it was discovered by police.

Charges would be that even though the 22-week old baby was within the 24 week limit to do a legal abortion, the fact that people inside the clinic had seen the baby breath after the abortion, proves that the baby was alive, but was given no care, thus violating the Born Alive Infants Protection Law.

A similar case is being studied in Massachusetts, where a mother tried to abort her baby chemically, but the abortion was delayed and the baby was born alive after completing the second trimester, and then expired.

Pray for Fr. Drinan, “Father Death”

Fr. Robert Drinan, S. J., a member of the Congress of the United States from 1970 until Pope John Paul II ordered him to quit in the 1980’s. has died. Fr. Drinan consistently voted pro-abortion and was known popularly by some pro-lifers as Fr. Death. Drinan, 86, died Sunday in Georgetown from pneumonia and congestive heart failure. Please say a prayer for him.

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