Mom thanks League for Saving Her Baby—12 Years Ago

“I do not know if it was your group or not,” Nancy writes Ann Scheidler, “but in late ’93 or early ’94, I went to Chicago for an abortion.”

One Life Saved—12 Years Ago

Nancy continues: “I left the clinic that day deciding not to abort. The prayer warriors outside erupted into cheers as I said, halfway down the sidewalk, ‘I didn’t do it.’ Then a few people present walked with us to the car, and gave us $40. My daughter is now twelve years old. I just wanted to say thank you, and never stop what you are doing. I am also a believer now. Jesus is my life! Praise God for y you and your work!”

Nancy’s little note makes it all worth while—the twenty-year law suit, the bucket of black paint in the face, the hate calls. A little twelve-year-old girl is alive and well and Nancy is in love with Jesus. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

Pro-Life “Reunion” at the March for Life

We ran into just about everybody we know in the pro-life movement this past weekend at the March for Life in Washington DC. There were at least 200,000 stalwart pro-lifers marching, while the pro-aborts don’t even have the nerve to come out and heckle us anymore, although someone did say he thought he might have seen two or three angry looking people who could have been pro-aborts.

The media like to report that both sides were represented, making it sound like equal numbers, and then interview the pro-aborts. Not this time.

I was honored in being able to address about 500 students at a convention at Catholic University, a conference of Rock for Life, and the Rhode Island Catholics for Life Breakfast. I was on three platforms with many of America’s great pro-life leaders.

The atmosphere everywhere throughout the long weekend was totally upbeat This was the thirty-fourth commemoration of the abominable Supreme Court abortion rulings, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

Parental Notification Comes to Illinois

Just before we left Chicago for DC last week, we learned that Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan ordered enforcement of the parental notification law passed by the legislature back in 1995. After all, 44 other states already have such laws on their books, while ours has been held up by a hostile court at the behest of the ACLU for more than ten years.

The rabid baby killers like Planned Parenthood, the hateful ACLU and abortion providers, say they will fight the order in court.

We did an interview for the Chicago Tribune expressing our approval of the law and Madigan’s recent action. Unfortunately, she is not allowing it to proceed into immediate enforcement but is assigning it to a new judge for study of procedural tactics, but at least she got it back into the works.

We hope it goes into effect rapidly so that girls under eighteen will need proof of having notified their parents before they can kill the parents’ grandchildren. We further hope that none of the parents give their consent.

More Good News in Illinois

While we were in the Nation’s Capitol we got word that Judge David Coar, the judge who heard the NOW v. Scheidler RICO case and fined us big bucks, approved the “Choose Life” license plates for Illinois, saying they are perfectly constitutional. They should be available for sale this spring. That was also good news. Our attorney, Tom Brejcha, has been handling this suit.

“Noah Was a Frozen Embryo”

A little baby in Covington, LA has just been born after he had been stored in liquid nitrogen as a frozen embryo in New Orleans during the flood. He was saved from the flood waters, later implanted, and is now born. It is interesting that the Associated Press reporter, Janet McConnaughey, says “Noah was a frozen embryo.” She got it right. As a tiny frozen embryo, Noah was Noah, not a frozen embryo who became Noah.

More Hard Truth on Plan B

A recent news story says the new Plan B and other so called emergency contraceptive pills, don’t stop pregnancy and are leading to more abortions. The headline in Wednesday’s Chicago Sun-Times says, “New Pill allows more pregnancies,” and that the Food and Drug Administration is asking experts if there should be new standards of effectiveness established since the failure rate for these pills is double what it use to be.

The new pills with a low dose of hormones don’t stop ovulation. The higher dose stopped ovulation, but caused clots and strokes. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

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