Liquified Fetal Tissue for Cosmetics and Other Atrocities

This is a shorter than usual Action News this weekend due to trips and business. The League Director will be in Plattsburgh NY over the weekend to address the Champlain Valley Right to Life 33rd March for Life and take part in their own annual march.

Next week is the now famous March for Life in Washington DC where a quarter of a million marchers are expected to participate. There will also be a March on Sunday, January 21, in Chicago following the 12:30 Mass at Holy Name Cathedral on State Street. The March will end at a rally in front of the Water Tower at Chicago and Michigan. This is the 34th year since Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton legalized abortion in America.

Atrocities Flow from Abortion

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer of Human Life International, in a three part article highlighting the reality of violence in the name of free “choice,” cites in his second part, “Pro Choice Violence and Big Pharmaceuticals,” some horrifying reality by the pharmaceutical industry which typifies the horrible corruption going on in our modern culture.

We have all read by now about the atrocious selling of baby parts gleaned from American abortion clinics. One such warehouse was right here in Illinois. We helped close it down by publicizing its location. But the trade in baby parts still goes on all across America.

And in Europe more and worse atrocities even than dealing in baby parts are going on, such as making cosmetics from liquefied unborn baby tissue, and injecting it into adult women; such as the removal of bone marrow from the babies’ arms and legs from late-term abortions—and other unthinkable atrocities almost too difficult to imagine.

These horrors are wide open and permitted since they involve an industry that is legal, and is totally unregulated. Only in the next life will we know just what unspeakable crimes and cruelties have been fostered on the unborn and on their mothers—by the abortion culture we live in.

In some countries women are simply used as egg banks and then cast aside and even murdered. In our modern culture, depravity, cruelty and brutality reign, and those who point out these injustices and try to stop them, are attacked on all sides.

That’s why we say that all who fosters abortion in any way, even by voting for candidates who support abortion, are part of the abortion holocaust and are surely not the good people they claim to be, and perhaps not the good people they may think they are. It is true that you cannot be a good Christian, and certainly not a good Catholic-Christian, and vote for an abortion candidate. Period.

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