Vice-President Gerald Ford Was Pro-Life, But . . .

The New Year is off to a good start with some major talks lined up for January in New York, Florida and Washington D.C. and with big plans being discussed about accepting invitations to conduct Truth Tours in states with good activist leadership.

Did the South Dakota Strategy Backfire?

The man-on-the street needs a shot of reality on abortion: that it is murder most foul, that it is about killing off our future generation, and that it solves no problems but only compounds whatever problems already exist. Also that it is an evil that never leaves its perpetrators alone, but will haunt everyone involved in it up to the day of her and his death. If this isn’t the message the uninformed are getting from pro-lifers, those pro-lifers are not doing their job.

Another fact that must get attention is that abortion is always elective surgery, and as such is never an emergency. Yet from the people who profit from the killing of unborn children, and those for whom human life takes second place to their own convenience or profit, the lies about the need for abortion flow in torrents, and the vast uninformed believe the lies.

In South Dakota, for instance, where the people lean toward protection for the unborn, all it took to swing them from pro-life to pro-abortion were a few well placed Planned Parenthood TV ads featuring a doctor complaining that a state law prohibiting most abortions would lead to the deaths of needy patients, that his hands would be tied and he would not be allowed to perform life-saving abortions. These lies fell on the uninformed and they voted down the strong pro-life legislation that had passed overwhelmingly in the legislature and that was signed by the Governor of South Dakota.

Our reading is that during the campaign too much emphasis was placed on the woman considering abortion. The arguments centered, as we saw it, on the danger of abortion to the woman, on her desperate plight leading her to consider abortion, on healing after the abortion, on finding forgiveness and resolving to work against abortion.

All of these considerations are valid and important, but the bottom line in every abortion is that a baby dies a painful, violent and terrible death. The essence of abortion is that a human life is snuffed out and a great injustice is committed. Much as we ache for the mother’s pain, we ache more for the baby’s violent death, and that is what we need to be concentrate on if we are ever going to win this war against the unborn. Think about it. We have.

Times Misreports Abortion Story

A story that we reported on the Action News Hotline a while back, that a woman in El Salvador received a thirty-year prison sentence for having an abortion at 18-weeks, turns out to have been wrongly reported in the New York Times Magazine. The fact is that the woman in question did not abort an 18-week old child, but that following a miscarriage of a much older child, she strangled the baby to death.

A Times editor, after looking into the story and finding out the facts, wrote a column recently “Truth, Justice, Abortion and the Times Magazine,” revealing the poorly investigated story and suggesting some pro-abortion bias. He concludes that “accuracy and fairness were not pursued with the vigor Times readers have a right to expect”—to put it mildly.

Our Gerald Ford Story

With the recent death of former president Gerald Ford, many eulogies are being given and we have a small Ford story. When Ford was vice president he was requested by some pro-lifers to make a statement on his abortion stand. It was clearly pro-life, at that time, and was sent on Vice-Presidential stationery. We received a copy at our office.

Later, Ford’s wife Betty, who was strongly pro-abortion and founder of the political action organization, Pro-Choice America, was being honored in Chicago at the then Conrad Hilton Hotel. We organized a group of well dressed business women to attend the affair and to place a copy of Ford’s pro-life letter at every place setting at the banquet.

Later on Ford himself became less supportive of pro-life, but the letter showing the parting of the ways between the Fords, was surely an embarrassment to Betty, though we never did hear from her about it. But please do pray for departed President, Gerald Ford. He now knows the whole truth about abortion .

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