WANTED: Sidewalk Counseling Information for National Database

The Pro-Life Action League is recognized throughout the country as the resource for sidewalk counseling information. As more pro-lifers become familiar with the Pro-Life Action League website, we receive more inquiries from those who would like to join a prayer team at an abortion clinic or become a sidewalk counselor.

Aspiring Activists Need Help!

Fortunately there are fewer and fewer abortion clinics around the United States. But that also means that some pro-lifers need more direction in order to find out where they can help. When requests come to the League, I search the Life Dynamics website to find out where the closest abortion clinic is located. Then I look for a pro-life group to which I can refer the enquirer.

Are You Involved in Sidewalk Counseling or Clinic Prayer?

We would like to make this process more efficient by creating a comprehensive database of all the active sidewalk counseling and clinic prayer groups. It would be tremendously helpful if you, the reader, are involved in such a group, and could provide me with contact information for anyone who might like to join you. Please call me at 773-777-2900 or fill our our contact form. I will really appreciate your help.

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