Time Magazine Highlights Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Feb. 26, 2007 Time Magazine Cover

The February 26 issue of Time Magazine has one of the most interesting covers you will ever see on a secular publication, and a cover story that is somewhat startling, to say the least.

The Time article by Nancy Gibbs is entitled, “The Abortion Campaign You Never Hear About”; the subtitle, “Crisis pregnancy centers are working to win over one woman at a time. But are they playing fair?”

While the “playing fair” nonsense is typical of such articles, the fact that the good these centers are doing is honest enough, and the very well kept secrets are out.

The story centers around a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Ashville NC’: “Pregnancy Support Services,” one of more than 2,000 Crisis pregnancy centers in the United States, and some say; including me, closer to 3,000.

Gibbs’ story makes it is clear that the women who run these centers, and work at them, are attempting to end abortion by being at all times kind, calm and nonjudgmental. . . .

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