When “Responsible” Means “Irresponsible”

Regarding the comment I made in my last post about the explosive rise in the number of STD cases as the rate of using condoms has increased, reader Nikolia made the following comments:

Do people wonder why this happens? Isn’t it obvious? If condoms aren’t completely protective against STDs, but more people are being fooled into believing that they are, then more people will use them, thus causing STDs to be more rampant. Why are people unable to work through this clearly logical chain of thought? In fact, I find the fact that no one bothers to teach teens about abstinence fairly insulting. It implies that teens are wild animals who are unable to keep their desires in check.

Nikolia is right. However, if Planned Parenthood has its way, millions of teens in the state of Illinois will be taught to place their trust in condoms — and, as a result of this misplaced trust, they will learn the hard way about the emotional consequences that result from sex outside of marriage. Thousands of them will also contract STDs. Thousands of others will experience an unplanned pregnancy, and many of them will face pressure to abort their children. The Chicago chapter of Planned Parenthood is part of a new coalition that calls itself the “Illinois Campaign for Responsible Sex Education”. The problem with the group’s name is that they’re not promoting responsible behavior at all. They say that they promote abstinence, but they really don’t. They even want to eliminate funding for all abstinence-only programs — which actually work. Instead, they’re promoting condoms, and they want to pass a law that forces all schools in the state to do the same. So, what can you do about it? If you live in Illinois, contact your senator’s office and ask him or her to vote NO on SB 2267. (You can find out who your senator is and how to reach him or her by clicking here.) Your senators need to hear from you, especially if you’re not old enough to vote, since you and your friends are the ones who will be harmed the most by this law if it passes. UPDATE: 2/24, 1:02pm – I realized that I’d really be a slacker if I didn’t take my own advice and call my senator (Martin Sandoval, a Democrat) to urge a “No” vote. I just did so, and was told by his secretary that his office had been receiving a lot of calls related to this bill — and all of them were urging a “No” vote.

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