Uncleanliness Is Next to Ungodliness, Part 2

Luminol Roaches are one thing. Bloodstained walls are quite another. That’s what Operation Rescue found in spades when they recently conducted Luminol testing inside the facility that formerly housed Central Women’s Services abortion clinic in Wichita, KS. (Operation Rescue now owns the facility.) OR reported this morning:

Three members of Operation Rescue have become the first pro-lifers to use crime scene technology to conduct blood trace tests at a former abortion mill. Tested was the former Central Women’s Services, which was recently purchased by Operation Rescue. The staff members who conducted the testing are saying that the results were stunning and disturbing. The group was curious about some of the stains and other filth discovered when they took possession of the building in June, 2006, after refusing continuation of tenancy to the abortion business that had occupied that location for 23 years. They decided to test certain surfaces inside the facility, which has remained unchanged since its purchase, with a substance called luminol, a reagent that brightly glows in the dark when it comes in contact with even minute traces of human blood. Armed with cameras and a spray bottle of luminol, the rescuers arrived at the empty building around 9 PM on Thursday, August 3, 2006, in order to have optimum conditions for their testing. Brenna Sullenger sprayed the luminol in the areas to be tested while Keith Mason documented the results with a digital still camera and Cheryl Sullenger video-taped the testing and the results. The group began to apply the spray to the recovery room area. All lights were extinguished as Brenna began to apply the spray to the carpeting. While a faint glow could be seen in the bottle as the spraying began, rescuers wondered at first if the product was working properly because there was nothing visible on the portion of carpet where they began their testing.

Read on for the grisly details. For the squeamish especially, consider yourselves forewarned: It’s bad.

But as Brenna began to spray the baseboards and the walls, suddenly, the entire room reflected an eerie glow as the area began to emit a bright pale-blue luminescence – the positive indicator of the presence of human blood. The luminol revealed at times clear spatter patterns and at other times smeared areas where it appeared that clean up efforts were attempted. “The walls looked like there had been a chain saw massacre in there,” said Cheryl Sullenger. “We couldn’t believe our eyes. We certainly did not expect to find that much blood in the recovery area. It appeared that carpeting had been laid after some very bloody event or events had taken place in that room. We were absolutely shocked.” From there, the group moved into the first abortion room. Immediately bright reflective spots revealed a room covered in blood spatter from floor to ceiling. A floor vent revealed particularly heavy amounts of blood. “The thought of all that blood in the ventilation system literally sickened me,” said Brenna Sullenger. “I was not sure I could continue the testing at that point. The blood spatter revealed a pattern that clearly showed the orientation of the abortion table and the location of the suction machine, but there was literally evidence of heavy blood spatter and smears everywhere.” “It is no wonder abortion mills smell so nasty,” said Cheryl Sullenger. “The blood – and God knows what else – simply flies during an abortion and that stuff all soaks into the dry wall and gets tracked into the carpeting where it putrefies. There is no way to get rid of it aside from major demolition. From what we observed, there can be no such thing as a ‘safe, clean’ abortion clinic.” The next room to be tested was the small closet with the sink that contained the large, industrial garbage disposal. Research revealed that the disposal model, the Sinkmaster 850, which is no longer in production, was primarily produced for kitchen use and was ironically referred to as the “Bonecrusher 850” for its ability to dispose of meat and poultry bones. Former abortion mill owner Kelly Simpson told reporters after OR announced the purchase of the property that no “biohazard material” was placed down the Bonecrusher 850, but the blood test results of that room strongly disagreed. “That room lit up like a Christmas tree,” said Cheryl Sullenger. “The entire area glowed with bright blue reflections indicating the thick presence of human blood.”

Read the whole thing. Can we finally be done with “safe and legal” rhetoric? Previous Coverage: Uncleanliness Is Next to Ungodliness

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