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Komen Foundation Meets with Colorado Right to Life on Abortion Breast Cancer Link

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DENVER, Oct. 6 /Christian Newswire/ — One week before the Denver Race for the Cure, Susan G. Komen Foundation race officials met with several directors of Colorado Right to Life on September 29, 2006. Colorado Right to Life officials agreed to the unexpected invitation scheduled the day before their annual Light on Life Banquet, featuring Medical Research Analyst Eve Sanchez Silver. Ms Silver is Executive Director of Clear Research and a former charter member of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s National Hispanic Latina Advisory Council. Ms Silver resigned from Susan G. Komen after learning that the Komen Foundation has a record of funding Planned Parenthood.

(See here, for example.)

Ms Sanchez-Silver noted in her presentation that Planned Parenthood targets people of color by placing their abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods. Komen race officials met with Ms Sanchez Silver, Dr. Joel Brind, PhD of Baruch College, NY, via conference call, Leslie Hanks, V.P Colorado Right to Life, Colorado Right to Life director, Phillip Hendrix and Jo Scott. Dr. Brind is President of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute and is considered the world’s foremost expert on the abortion breast cancer link. Dr. Brind decried the notion of funding Planned Parenthood, because abortion and dispensing steroidal agents for birth control are the two greatest contributors to the breast cancer epidemic, which has risen 40% since the Roe v Wade decision. Dr. Brind has stated that Planned Parenthood operates the “largest chain of human slaughterhouses in the nation.” “SGK officials did not appear to have knowledge of simple breast facts and were more concerned about assisting women after they had contracted breast cancer, than informing them to avoid breast cancer risk by avoiding abortions and having early, full term pregnancy with breast feeding. This is an appalling lack of concern for the women the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is supposed to be helping,” said Silver. Colorado Right to Life was grateful for the opportunity for “dialogue,” and to discuss information regarding the physiological pathway of breast cancer with SGK officials. Eve Silver explained that the breast is an organ that is not mature at birth. SGK appeared to be surprised to learn that the breast does not become fully mature until after 32 weeks of pregnancy, so that interruption of pregnancy before 32 weeks, leaves breast cells exposed to estrogen, which is highly carcinogenic. It is the fervent hope of Colorado Right to Life that the Susan G. Komen Foundation will take the information that Eve Silver, Dr. Brind and CRL shared, to the women who need to know. Women must be told the truth about the ABC link, in order to protect themselves from this deadly disease.

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