The Need for Love

This new blogger, who goes by the name Catholic Convert, has an insightful post titled “Pro-Life Reformation: Abortion” at her blog Listen With The Ear of Your Heart. She writes:

One of the most vital steps every pro-lifer must take is to really evaluate his own heart and to make sure, be absolutely positive, that every single action he takes is filled with a loving and caring heart. The issue of arrogant, haughty, and hateful pro-lifers is the biggest stumbling block that we face. Not only does the bad attitude of these “bad apples” drive away the very mothers-to-be that we are trying to reach out to, but it also gives fuel to the pro-choice cause. It has always been known that the ignorant and anomosity-filled voices will be sure to scream and shout and stomp their feet in order to draw attention to themselves. However, God also promises us that love endures and prevails. That is why every single person who is not hateful, who cares about both the unborn and the born, must make every effort to show unconditional love to those who agree with us–and those who don’t. Women who are considering abortion, who don’t already have their minds made up, are not going to want to approach someone who yells at them and judges them. They aren’t going to go to someone who stands outside an abortion clinic with signs that say “MURDERER” in big bold red letters. These women are looking for people to talk to, people who will help them, who will hold them while they cry. They are looking for people who will be a friend to them, a counselor to them, someone who won’t judge them and will love them just as they are.

One of the most important chapters in Joe Scheidler‘s book CLOSED: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion is titled, “Whatever You Do, Do It With Love.” Catholic Convert agrees. Read the whole thing.

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