SB2267 Threatens Illinois Teens and Families

Still of PP TV Ad

Planned Parenthood’s well-funded propaganda campaign against abstinence education in Illinois includes TV commercials

Planned Parenthood and other anti-family groups are aggressively lobbying the Illinois Senate to pass SB2267, the so-called “Responsible Sex Education Program” bill. The bill would provide $35 million for “comprehensive” sex ed programs—true abstinence education would be barred from receiving funds.

Supporters of SB2267 claim the programs that would be funded are “abstinence based,” but the reality is that these programs pay only slight lip-service to abstinence while presenting material in a highly graphic way that is anything but age-appropriate.

“I hesitate to even describe some of the activities that would be deemed acceptible under this pernicious bill,” commented League Communications Director Eric Scheidler. “To give just one example, they’ve got children as young as thirteen making a classroom game out of putting condoms on cucumbers.” Scheidler concluded, “The real goal of SB2267 is to gut abstinence education in Illinois.”

The Pro-Life Action League is urging Illinois citizens to call their State Senators and say, “Vote NO on SB2267!”

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