Quoting the Bible Is Not a Crime

A group of homosexual activists thought it was, however, and sued a fellow Canadian who had published an ad in a Saskatoon newspaper citing four Scripture passes condemning homosexual acts. In 2002, a lower court ruled that the man who published the cartoon, Hugh Owens, had violated the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code and was guilty of inciting hatred. In the end, however, sanity has prevailed: today, the highest court in Saskatchewan reversed the lower court’s ruling. Whew. LifeSite summarizes why the stakes in this case were so high:

Since the previous court ruling had indicated that the Bible verses themselves expose “homosexuals to hatred”, Christian legal experts were concerned that the Bible itself may be banned due to the passage of the hate propaganda legislation in Canada [emphasis added].

Gee, is it possible that hate crime legislation gives rise to so many problems because hate crime legislation is itself a bad idea? I fail to see why crimes committed out of greed, revenge, envy — or any other motive, for that matter — should be punished less severely than crimes committed out of hatred. I also wonder why some people find it so hard to believe that those of us who strongly disapprove of homosexual acts could simultaneously be capable of loving the very individuals who are committing those acts.

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