Pro-Life T-Shirt Day Is April 25

Eric in Here’s me in my “Pray to End Abortion” T-shirt from Stand True Ministries. If I look serious and troubled, it’s because I had to use my Canon PowerShot S300, which was near at hand, to take this shot, rather than my superior Canon Digital Rebel XT. This has become one of my favorite T-shirts, along with my 2004 Bike the Drive T-shirt and my Free State Brewery T-shirt, which says on the back, “. . . because without beer, things do not seem to go as well.” The pictured T-shirt is almost completely broken in now, and I’m wearing it today in anticipation of Pro-Life T-Shirt Day, April 25. This event was started in the high schools several years ago by Rock for Life, and this year we’re encouraging everyone to participate, including children and adults, even guys like me who are pushing 40. You’ve got just under three weeks to get your hands on a pro-life T-shirt, if you dont’ have one already. Some great shirts are available from:

BTW, you have a legal right to wear a pro-life T-shirt on April 25 or any day. American Life League, which sponsors Pro-Life T-shirt Day, has page on dealing with harrassment, and advises students to download and carry a letter [PDF] from the Thomas More Law Center with you just in case you run into trouble.

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