Pro-Life & Pro-Environment

I happen to be one of those pro-lifers who also likes mother earth. Now, I don’t worship her, I’ve chosen God instead, but I don’t see why the two have to be in conflict. It seems like if the liberals like it, it must be bad. Since liberals tend to be into protecting the environment, protecting the environment is seen as bad. But I disagree. Shouldn’t we respect and care for all life? Actually, I found it quite interesting that Katelyn Sills (Stand Up and Speak Out) and her family are both Republicans and organic farmers. Now, I’m not sure why they farm organically, but it doesn’t really matter. Whatever the reason is, it’s better for the environment. And I don’t see any conflict there. In fact I found that point in her bio to be admirable. Humans are at the top of the pyramid of life, but I think God wants us to care for the rest of his creation. It just makes sense – to me anyway.

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