Pro-Life Activist Attacked in Vancouver

From LifeSite:

On Friday afternoon April 7, 2006 a pro-life demonstrator was viciously assaulted by an unknown assailant. Rose Mawhorter, a member of the executive of Campaign Life Coalition BC, was protesting with graphic images across the street from Vancouver’s notorious abortion clinic, Everywomans Health Center at the corner of Broadway St. and Commercial Drive when she was attacked from behind and thrown violently to the ground. Her female assailant ripped Rose’s signs from her neck and began running down the street. She threw the signs into the traffic and turned back to the scene of chaos she had left behind and began cursing and swearing at the people who were coming to assist Rose. The attacker continued this screaming and yelling until she was out of earshot of the group and then bolted across the road, running as fast as she could making a clean get away.

There is some good news, however:

The perpetrator did not know the entire incident was captured on video tape. The tape has been turned over to the Vancouver Police department who said they would have no trouble identifying the suspect.

The Vancouver police haven’t indicated whether the assailant, once caught, will be charged with a hate crime, although I’m not holding my breath.

Rose wanted to clarify that the incident will not deter her from maintaining her weekly vigil at the abortion location. In fact she said incidents like this are to be expected when one brings a message to society that it does not want to hear. She was not surprised that people who condone killing the smallest of human beings would resort to attacking defenceless, peaceful demonstrators.

I love it — you just can’t keep a good pro-lifer down.

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