Planned Parenthood, “Emergency Contraception,” and Women’s Health

You’ve probably already heard about Planned Parenthood’s free “emergency contraception” giveaway last week. Generation Life* reports on how the event provides further evidence of the emptiness of Planned Parenthood’s “We care about women’s health” rhetoric.

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 15 /Christian Newswire/ — On Wednesday, Dec 6, 2006 Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania (PPSP) distributed free “emergency contraceptives” to women of all ages. Young women associated with Generation Life entered four different PPSP clinics. There they discovered that PPSP was engaging in many illegal and irresponsible activities and distributing inaccurate and incomplete medical information. “PPSP claims to care for women’s health,” said Judi McLane, director of Generation Life, “yet, not only did they neglect to perform physical exams that the State of Pennsylvania Code mandates before prescribing prescription drugs, but they also withheld FDA approved and mandated patient prescribing information from the women and girls to whom they gave the drugs.” PPSP nurse practitioners claimed to have written prescriptions for each individual woman and minor girl who asked for the emergency contraceptives. The nurse practitioners asked a few questions, however they did not take blood pressure, perform a medical exam or administer pregnancy tests that are recommended by both the Planned Parenthood and the makers of the Plan B emergency contraceptive before taking the drugs. Six of the eight prescriptions filled by PPSP for Generation Life volunteers were for “Lo/Ovral for ECP use” (an off-label use for the drug) and did not come with the FDA mandated prescribing information. Instead of supplying this medical information, the Planned Parenthood substituted a “Client information for informed consent” sheet, which states that the FDA information will be supplied. However, none of the six prescriptions written for Generation Life volunteers included the prescribing information. The PPSP instruction sheet omits the full list of contraindications, health warnings or adverse reactions from the FDA approved insert. “In addition to clear violations of the law, PPSP’s true agenda must be exposed. That agenda is to promote promiscuity among young people by telling them that sexual activity is possible without consequences,” McLane added. “PPSP hopes to make return customers who will pay for more pills and eventually abortions, and thus line their pockets with money.”

*Note: Although our organizations have similar names and similar missions, Generations for Life and Generation Life are not formally associated with each other. We do, however, support each other’s work.

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