Now That’s Progress

JivinJ gives an update: The score Heh. If this really were a game, the “Adult” team could be justifiably accused of running up the score. Potentially life-saving research, however, isn’t a game. That’s why it’s so terribly important to pursue avenues that are most likely to yield positive results. Embryonic stem cell research has been repeatedly shown to hold little scientific promise. Not to mention that it reduces small human beings to the level of disposable specimens. On the other hand, adult stem cell research has been repeatedly proven to hold remarkable scientific promise. And the whole “disposable specimen” issue is a non-factor. (See here and here for a smattering of references.) Yet we “far right anti-choicers” are not infrequently dismissed as a bunch of Galileo-condemning, evolution-denying, life-begins-at-conception-believing dupes. Perhaps this helps explain why our world is still plagued by the ridiculous notion that Christianity and science are incompatible.

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