NFP Takes a Hit

Rubber gloveI imagine our resident curmudgeon Lauren will be jubilant about this, but it’s worth bringing up anyway. Sam and Bethany Torode, the Protestant couple who in 2002 published the book Open Embrace: A Protestant Couple Rethinks Contraception have recently recanted their opposition to contraception. In an “Open Letter” on thier website, they say that after five years of practicing Natural Family Planning (NFP) they’ve decided it’s too difficult and that barrier methods of contraception are okay. I’ve practiced NFP for a little longer than five years—just over nine years, in fact—and on top of that I have nine-plus years prior experience with contraception. If you figure I’ve been married for fourteen years you can do the math and see that my experience spans both side of the marriage bond. Based on that experience I can testify to two things: (1) Contraception is bad for relationships and especially poisonous for marriage and (2) NFP, though at times very difficult, is extremely benificial to marriage. If you’re interested in further elaboration on these topics, I invite you to visit my personal blog, Square Zero, where I’ve been addressing these issues at length in recent days.

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