New Development in the “Evil CPC” Story

Whatever credibility the notorious “evil CPC” story may have had up until now is all but gone. It’s clear that the only Planned Parenthood abortion clinic the story could be referring to is the one in Indianapolis, as it’s the only one of the three in the state that shares a parking lot with a crisis pregnancy center. It occurred to me today that if, in fact, the Indianapolis Police had shown up at the Planned Parenthood acting on a tip that a girl was being forced to have an abortion, they obviously would have filed a police report. Since police reports are matters of public record, I called the Indianapolis Police Department to find out if there was any police report that would corroborate Planned Parenthood’s version of events. The woman I spoke with at IPD did a search and came up with: nothing. I also asked her to do a search on the crisis pregnancy center. Again: nothing. If the CPC really did engage in “a campaign of intimidation and harassment,” it’s rather hard to believe that the police were never contacted. If Planned Parenthood cares so much about women, wouldn’t their first move have been to call the police on the girl’s behalf before telling the public? I also checked the Marion County Clerk’s Office records to see if any lawsuits had been brought against the CPC. One would certainly think that if Planned Parenthood’s version of events were true, and if the “intimidation and harassment” brought by the CPC were so intense that they made the girl “scared to death to leave her house”, Planned Parenthood wouldn’t have wasted a second in providing the girl an attorney to sue the CPC. This search found, yet again: nothing. Now the question becomes: Will those who took Planned Parenthood at their word—despite the story’s notable lack of specific details—continue to stand by it? Related: “Evil CPC” Story: Urban Legend?

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