Truth versus Fiction at May Truth Day

FTT at Daley Plaza

Truth Day at Daley Plaza, May 17, pro-abort group at left [Photo by EJS]

On May 17, the Pro-Life Action League brought the Face the Truth Tour to a favorite site, downtown Chicago’s Daley Plaza. Hundreds of Chicagoans on their lunch hour saw the League’s abortion signs and received literature on abortion. A man whose cousin had scheduled an abortion spoke to one of our twenty volunteers and was given resources and encouragement for talking her out of the abortion.

Baby Malachi an Imposter?

A small group of pro-abortion counter-protestors stood at one corner of the plaza and passed out a crude flyer with various desperate pieces of “evidence” that our well-documented photographs are fakes. For example, they declare that the second trimester Baby Malachi abortion photo is a fake because two different prints of that photo have different color hues—as is in fact common with different printings of the same image.

Of course, anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of fetal development—or who has ever visited the display at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry—can imagine what a second-trimester abortion would look like. The unfortunate Baby Malachi fits the description to a tee. (More on the bogus attack on our pictures in Joe Scheidler’s May 18 Hotline.)

A second Tour site planned for 2:30-4:00 p.m. at the Art Institute had to be cancelled due to rain.

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