Justice Delayed…Is Justice Long Overdue

The Supreme Court decided today something that all of us already know: It’s not a crime to take business away from an abortion clinic. The National Organization for Women thought it was, and for 20 years they’ve tried to get my boss, Joe Scheidler, convicted under RICO, a federal racketeering law originally written to provide harsher penalties for crimes committed by the mob. They failed. Today, Joe Scheidler won an 8-0 victory at the Supreme Court. Joe and his pro-life co-defendants already won the case at the Supreme Court three years ago by a vote of 8-1, but due to a bizarre set of circumstances, the Supreme Court’s 2003 decision was never implemented, and NOW kept insisting that the Supreme Court had made a mistake. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled for a second time in Joe Scheidler’s favor, we can only hope that after 20 years, this ridiculous lawsuit is finally over with. Read Joe Scheidler’s reaction here. HT: SCOTUSblog

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