Hoosiers Face the Truth during Great Indy Truth Day

Indianpolis Truth Tour

Joe Scheidler (seated, right) talks with his sister, Mary Louise Scheidler (standing, right) and another Hoosier activist at 10th Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street [Photo by EJS]

On Saturday, August 26, Pro-Life Action League Truth Tour Coordinator Eric Scheidler, along with League Directors Joe and Ann Scheidler, helped conduct a one-day Truth Tour in Indianapolis. Local activists Bob Rust, a cousin of Joe Scheidler, and Elizabeth Kane chose three sites in the city and recruited over sixty enthusiastic volunteers from throughout central Indiana.

The Tour group was joined by stalwart Chicago activists Beth Roland and Luanne and Ron Bloom, who drove down for the day. Eric’s three oldest children, Nate, Sam and Liza also helped out; Same and Liza held signs and distributed water and fourteen-year-old Nate was his father’s able assistant for the day.

Indy Shoppers Face the Truth

The Tour’s first site was at 86th Street and Zionsville Road near Trader’s Point shopping center, where morning shoppers beheld pictures of abortion during all three phrases of pregnancy. The public was notably supportive, and Marion County sheriff’s were cooperative with the group.

Next the Tour group visited the extremely busy intersection of Lafayette Road and 38th Street near the Lafayette Square shopping center. Turn out was so great at this site that Eric and Nate Scheidler distributed all 52 of the signs they had brought for the Tour, with several signs held by pairs of activists. The Chicago activists were amazed at how postitive the public reaction was once again.

Eric Scheidler in Indy

Eric Scheidler surveys the Tour display at Lafayette and 38th
[Photo by Sam Scheidler]

Future Indy Tours Likely

Next the Tour Group took a break from the hot, muggy weather during a most welcome lunch at St. Michael’s Church. The Tour day concluded at 10th Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street, facing a steady stream of cars bound towards a group of nearby hospitals.

The area activists who participated in the Truth Tour, most for the first time, were enthusiastic about this method of pro-life activism and are eager to hold Truth Tours more regularly in central Indiana, to solidify the pro-life views of their fellow Hoosiers.

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