New GFL Blog Speaks to Pro-Life Teens

GFL Blog

The Pro-Life Action League is proud to announce the launching of a new blog under the auspices of the League’s youth outreach division, Generations for Life. The new GFL Blog will feature news and commentary for pro-life teens on the life issues, with contributions from GFL Director Annie Casselman, GFL Co-Director John Jansen and League Communications Director Eric Scheidler.

New Generations Site

The new GFL Blog is a part of an all-new Generations for Life website that also features a comprehensive pro-life Q & A section and information about Generations for Life, and will also soon include a complete list of GFL pro-life clubs and exerpts from the newly-revised GFL Curriculum.

Please visit Generations for Life soon— and help spread the word about this new offering from Generations for Life and the Pro-Life Action League.

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