GFL Conference 2006

2005 GFL Conference GroupAmong last year’s Generations for Life Youth Conference attendees were two teens who showed up wearing bright yellow pro-life T-shirts. They were on fire for the pro-life message and wanted to spread that message to the teens in their high school. Their first attempt had been to print 40 similar T-shirts to sell at school. They expected rejection, wasted time and money, but what they got was an empty T-shirt box. Every single T-shirt was sold – and not only to students. Teachers purchased the shirts. The amazing thing is that these two girls were attending a public high school. Margaret and Vanessa left the GFL conference with the tools they needed and an even greater passion to go back to their public high school and start a pro-life club. Let these two girls be an inspiration for you to bring the pro-life message to your school! Attend the next Generations for Life Pro-Life Youth Conference on Saturday, October 21 from 10:00am-3:00pm at Sacred Heart Parish in Lombard, IL.

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