“Fully Informed Choices”

I opened up the paper this morning and saw this headline:

NYC to enforce healthier living TRANS FAT: Ban hailed for blocking use of `basically a slow form of poison’

The article beneath the headline reported that restaurants in New York City will no longer be allowed to cook with oils containing trans fats. And:

In what could be the start of a shift in how Americans choose their meals, the New York City Board of Health said it will require restaurants that offer nutritional information to post calorie counts where everyone can see–on menus or menu boards. “It will be a completely different ballgame if it is right there before their eyes,” said David Grotto, spokesman for the American Dietetic Association and a registered dietitian. “It very well may cause them to think twice.”

Contraceptives In light of these regulations, I’m sure no one would object to a new law that would require notices to be posted — “where everyone can see” — in any place condoms are sold that there is “insufficient evidence” to determine whether condoms do anything to prevent the spread of the vast majority of STDs. And I’m sure no one would object either to a new law that would require notices to be posted — “where everyone can see” — in every pharmacy to warn women of the health risks associated with the Pill. And I’m also sure that groups like Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and NOW would back these proposed laws completely. I mean, after all, when it comes to “reproductive health”, they truly believe in allowing individuals to make their own “fully informed choices”. Right?


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