Cease Fire! GFL Comments Temporarily Closed

Fire Extinguisher at workAs webmaster of Generations for Life and in consultation with contributors Annie Casselman and John Jansen, I have temporarily shut down comments for this site in response to the unacceptable level of rancor and spite coming from too many contributors on all sides of the issues. While we value free and open discussion, we are at the same time obliged not to facilitate the kind of fruitless bickering that has too often characterized recent threads of commentary. We owe that much to the kind souls whose charitable donations make this site possible. Comments will be reopened in the near future after a cooling off period. Thereafter, commentors who prove unwilling to refrain from invective and mean-spiritedness will be banned permanently from commenting on this site. If you value the opportunity the Generations for Life website affords to discuss the life issues with others, we urge you during this cooling off period to reevaluate how best to express youself in a manner which respects the dignity of others and reflects well on your own character. We trust that when we resume allowing comments on this site, we will see a marked improvement in the tenor of the discussion.

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