Calling Their Bluff

PRC and PP in IndyWe just issued a press release calling on Planned Parenthood to come clean about the “evil CPC” story. It’s astonishing that they think they can get away with this, especially considering that the fact checking really wasn’t that hard. Zeroing in on the Indianapolis abortion clinic was simply a matter of searching Planned Parenthood of Indiana‘s website, and calling two national pregnancy center hotlines to find out the locations of the nearest pregnancy resource centers to each of the three Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in the state. When I first thought to check for any police reports of the alleged incident, I called a guy who used to work with us who is a wizard at tracking down records, documents, and the like. He verified that although it can often be a hassle to obtain them, police reports are, in fact, matters of public record. That’s why I was so surprised at how easy it was to search for Indianapolis Police Department records. One click away from the IPD homepage gives a phone number to call with questions regarding police reports. The woman who answered–yes, a real, live person actually answered the phone–displayed the utmost professionalism and helpfulness in answering my questions. Our conversation took two minutes at the most. Searching the Marion County Court records to find out if any lawsuits had been brought against the CPC was even easier. (None had, as previously reported.) In short, one didn’t have to be Chloe O’Brian to find all this information. All the more reason to wonder why Planned Parenthood thinks they can get away with it.

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Also, check out this 2004 journalism project that includes several pictures of both the Planned Parenthood and CPC facilities (HT: JivinJ) by Rachel Conner, a University of Indiana student.

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