Joe Offers Invocation at Baltimore Pro-Life Gala

Joe Scheidler was a featured guest at the fifth annual Pro-Life Appreciation Dinner, hosted by Stephen and Michael Peroutka in Baltimore, MD. Joe and Ann attended the banquet where Joe gave the invocation.

Joe and Mark Crutcher

Joe with Mark Crutcher at the Baltimore Pro-Life gala, Oct. 6 [Photo by Peter Shinn]

Bob and Mary Schindler and their son Bobby were also featured guests at the event, where plans were unveiled for a memorial sculpture in honor of their daughter and sister, Terri Schiavo. Steve Peroutka had had a chance meeting with sculptor Ron Berry while on a golf outing in California. He enlisted Berry’s talent and collaboration, along with the counsel of the Schindler family to create a bronze sculpture entitled “Compassion.” The statue will be 12 feet by 12 feet and will feature an angel comforting and shielding Terri with one wing while motioning heavenward with the other.

Several Baltimore area pro-lifers were singled out at the banquet for their outstanding commitment to life. And several pro-life politicians were introduced to the diners. Also introduced at the Appreciation Dinner for the first time was National Pro-Life Radio, a new internet communications network, hailed as “radio you can watch.” Pro-Life organizations are invited to add their own programming to the station which plans to broadcast 24-hours a day over the Internet. For information visit www.nplr.net.

The banquet speaker for the evening was Mark Crutcher, director of Life Dynamics, who assured the audience that pro-lifers are winning the battle against abortion. “If you are not in the battle to win it, then you are not being faithful to the cause,” said Crutcher. He urged listeners to stay the course and expect the victory.

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