Any Publicity Is Good Publicity

Pink ribbonEarlier this month, the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer was nominated by the National Breast Cancer Coalition to receive the latter’s first ever Golden Boob Award. “Exposing the Biggest Boobs of All” is the award’s stated aim, and its mascot–for lack of a better term–is a silhouette of a busty mermaid who appears to be signaling a touchdown. The NBCC states that “[t]his dubious honor calls attention to efforts that undermine the fight to stop breast cancer”:

This year’s nominees waste valuable time, money and energy. They spread false information and call it science and sell useless products to women trying to do what they can to avoid breast cancer.

Understandably, the ABC Coalition was none too pleased about the nomination. Most interestingly, ABC Coalition President Karen Malec threw down the gauntlet: “We challenge [the National Breast Cancer Coalition] to a public debate on the link — our experts versus their experts.” To my knowledge, the NBCC has not responded to Malec’s debate offer. Publicizing the Golden Boob Award is surely a pressing demand on their time; perhaps after the award is bestowed, they’ll get back to her. Then again, maybe not. It’s rather obvious that by nominating the ABC Coalition for a Golden Boob Award, the NBCC has lowered itself to the level of waging crass, ad hominem attacks. And because most people find breast cancer nothing to joke about, the ABC Coalition’s nomination may well end up being a boon for them. Considering the research that does indicate a link between abortion and an increased risk of breast cancer (for starters, see here and here), how long can those who deny the link refuse to debate the evidence?

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