Accidentally Pregnant at 42

Now that I have a baby, I get free baby magazines in the mail. I don’t read them for pleasure (well maybe a little), but more so to see what’s out there. The latest magazine, Baby Talk, had an article with the above title. First of all, pregnancy isn’t an accident. We all know where babies come from. What really bothered me was the woman’s attitude. She and her husband had been through rigorous fertility treatments. They finally gave up on that and adopted two little girls from China. When she found out she was pregnant, she saw the baby as an “intrusion” and couldn’t handle morning sickness. So they decided on abortion. Once her morning sickness started to ease up, she decided that she wanted the baby. I give her credit for choosing life. But what I find strange is that two mothers in China chose life for their babies and gave them up so that this woman could have a family. Who knows what they went through. Yet, it seemed so easy for her to think of abortion. Funny how it’s a baby when you want it but an intrusion when you don’t.

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