A Day in the Life of the Netherlands

Dutch windmill “Show me a culture that despises virginity, and I’ll show you a culture that despises children.” Catholic and Enjoying It! blogger Mark Shea has made this observation on many occasions in the course of his writing. And he’s absolutely right. The latest example of why he is right is found in this story from–where else?–the Netherlands:

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch pedophiles are launching a political party to push for a cut in the legal age for sexual relations to 12 from 16 and the legalization of child pornography and sex with animals, sparking widespread outrage. The Charity, Freedom and Diversity (NVD) party said on its Web site it would be officially registered Wednesday, proclaiming: “We are going to shake The Hague awake!” The party said it wanted to cut the legal age for sexual relations to 12 and eventually scrap the limit altogether.

The article goes on to report:

The Netherlands, which already has liberal policies on soft drugs, prostitution and gay marriage, was shocked by the plan.

Hey, Dutch: Wake up. Has it ever occurred to you that hopelessly liberal policies on issues involving sexuality, drugs, and life issues are themselves the problem? The NVD is merely attempting to take these policies to their logical conclusion. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the rest of the Dutch population to stop them:

An opinion poll published Tuesday showed that 82 percent wanted the government to do something to stop the new party, while 67 percent said promoting pedophilia should be illegal.

Now I would be shocked if the Dutch government did anything to stop the NVD, as the Dutch government seems incapable of doing anything good. The latter statistic, though, is far more frightening: one third of those surveyed don’t believe promoting pedophilia should be illegal. Mark Shea predicts:

Mark my words, the day will come when the Church will be damned, not for covering up pedophilia, but for condemning it. The internal logic of our whole post-Christian civilization is driving inexorably toward the permission of any act by any two consenting individuals of any age.

Sad but true.

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