A Blow to Cincinnati Planned Parenthood

The abortion industry’s days as a Pedophile Protection Racket may be numbered. First, some background on a case reported on last fall in the Cincinnati Enquirer:

All it took last year for a 14-year-old “Jane Roe” was a cell phone number. A staffer at a local Planned Parenthood clinic called the number and got permission – from a 21-year-old man who was molesting the girl and coerced her into an abortion. The man, now in prison, pretended to be her father on the phone, then posed as her brother at the clinic. He paid with his credit card, and had the girl injected with Depo-Provera birth control, so he could resume having sex with her three days later. “Jane Roe presented her school identification card, which showed that she was a junior high school student,” a lawsuit by the girl’s parents says. “(He) presented his Ohio driver’s license, which showed that he was 21 years of age and his last name was different than Jane Roe’s. (Planned Parenthood) did not question (either) about the differences in their ages or their different last names.” And that was under Ohio’s parent notification law. State law also requires notice to law enforcement, because a girl 13 or under who seeks an abortion is automatically a victim of rape.

Jane Roe’s parents sued. Planned Parenthood countersued for fraud. First they cover up her rape, kill her child, and then sue her. Because, you know, Planned Parenthood really has women’s best interests at heart. Also from last fall’s Enquirer article are these two unbelievable–truly, literally unbelievable–sentences:

[Planned Parenthood lawyer Alphonse] Gerhardstein says Planned Parenthood takes notification seriously. “They have a program to discourage relationships with older men.”

A new development in the case surfaced just last week:

A judge ordered the Cincinnati Planned Parenthood Clinic on Wednesday [June 21] to turn over all records for abortion patients under 18 to the lawyers for the family of a teen who had an abortion at the clinic. Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Patrick Dinkelacker’s decision is believed to be only the second time a Planned Parenthood clinic has been ordered to make records available, and the first time during a civil case. Attorney Brian Hurley, who represents the family, said the information is needed to determine whether the abortion given to his client without parental consent is an isolated issue or a pattern of activity.

To be sure, the ACLU isn’t happy, and Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region is appealing the judge’s ruling. But in an industry this corrupt, it’s only a matter of time before the curtain is pulled back once and for all. HT: FUMARE

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