Battle over Abortion Ban Heats Up in South Dakota

Our hat is off to the good pro-lifers of South Dakota for all the work they are doing to win the referendum on Deferred Law 6, the law passed last spring that would make abortion a crime in that state except to prevent the death of the mother. It is the strongest pro-life law ever proposed, passed in the legislature, and signed by a Governor, and it would be the law except for the abortion forces who managed to hold it up for a referendum to be decided by the people Nov. 7.

Nation Watches South Dakota

We visited Rapid City over the weekend and marveled at the zeal and monumental efforts being made by pro-lifers there. We also saw the sensational scare ads put on by the abortion supporters, calling the law dangerous and too broad. Unfortunately, some pro-life groups also think the law should have more exceptions, such as for rape and incest, which would weaken it but, they believe, would make it more likely to pass. However, these exceptions would also make it virtually useless.

While it is impossible to call this one, many who have worked longest and hardest in the campaign believe the percentages are too close to call. But during this last week before the vote, churches are holding all day prayer services, adoration, rallies and other events to assure a good pro-life turnout and ultimate victory. They also ask for our prayers, and we promised we would pass along the request.

If pro-life is successful, Planned Parenthood will challenge the law in the courts, but even if the abortionists are successful, the pro-life education of the past summer will have been a great blessing in itself, and even a court battle would keep the issue read hot nationwide, just as everybody has been talking nothing but abortion all spring, summer and fall, in South Dakota.

Among the good things happening in South Dakota during the controversy over Referred Law 6 are stories on former abortion doctors supporting the ban on abortions, doctors admitting that when they deal with a pregnant woman they know that they are treating two patients, hundreds of testimonial letters to the editors supporting the ban, young people is droves supporting the ban, the GAP program on university campuses showing the pictures of abortion along with other forms of genocide, national speakers invited to the state, former abortion victims speaking out, women who have had abortions giving testimony in major cities throughout the state, and newly consecrated Bishop Paul Swain for the diocese of Sioux Falls, announcing that the first vote he will cast as a South Dakotan will be a “yes” for Referred Law 6.

Much good is happening because South Dakota pro-lifers had the foresight and the guts to introduce this bill. Our hat is off to these good people.

Bishop Saves Baby

The day a Bishop saves a baby from abortion is a red-letter day, and that is what happened at the day of prayer in front of Family Planning Associates earlier this month when Bishop John Manz led prayers in front of the Our Lady of the New Millennium statue across from the mill in Chicago. A woman who was told by sidewalk counselor Mike Busse that the Bishop was praying for her and her baby in front of the statue tore up the papers she had signed for the abortion and said to tell the Bishop his prayers had encouraged her to cancel her abortion and keep her baby.

Fox Should Support Adult Stem Cell Research

Not only have there been no cures from use of Embryonic Stem Cells, touted by folks like Michael J. Fox who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, but a US research team from the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York writes in Nature Magazine that these cells injected into the brains of Parkinson’s patients have a serious risk of forming tumors. While much success has been reported with Parkinson’s patients when adult stem cells are used, embryonic stem cells tend to “go wild” and cause cancers and other unpredictable types of tissue. Go figure.

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