From the Enemy Mailbag: Many Heated Appeals

From the enemies’ mail we read that NARAL Pro-Choice America is concerned that legislatures in 14 states are considering abortion bans that would outlaw abortion in almost all circumstances. They have it on good authority that legislators who backed the South Dakota law to ban most abortions, did it as a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade—to test it before the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe.

NARAL refers to the November 7 elections as “a critical test for a woman’s right to choose.”

Planned Parenthood’s Pill Panic

Planned Parenthood is running a “Fill my Pill” campaign aimed at forcing pharmacists against their moral judgment to dispense lethal abortion drugs to demanding females. Their drawing of a wadded up prescription is supposed to incense their readers. “Imagine,” they say, “going to your pharmacist and getting this back instead of your medicine?”

They call ‘the pill’ medicine. Medicine is for sick people. They think fertility is sickness. Actually she is healthy, and the pill makes her sick, and then keeps her sick. That’s medicine, Planned Parenthood style, and the pharmacist is ordered to give her a big dose of steroids to wreck her health, just like a witch doctor.

They tell a little story about Julee who couldn’t get her pills from a mean old moral pharmacist, a story calculated to make you shout, “Oh, no! It can’t be!,” and break out in tears as the thought of Julee not getting her pill fix. They hope you will get mad enough to send them a lot of money. They promise you that with this money they will get laws passed to take away the cruel pharmacist’s right to refuse to dispense abortion pills.

Planned Parenthood applaluds CVS stores because they told them they will force their workers to dispense the pills, but you must write Target, Walgreens and Winn-Dixie, who still honor conscience.

Other Heated Pro-Abort Appeals

The ACLU letter is just asking for big bucks, and telling you to put them in your will. Imagine: your body is barely cold in its grave and as you stand before the judgment seat of God, your hard-earned money is already going to support and promote the diabolical work of the pro-abortion, pro-pornography, un-American defenders of sodomy and the systematic removal of all reference to God form public life—the good old ACLU. Not a wise decision.

In another plea for money, ACLU Director Anthony Romero draws a scary picture of gays not being considered regular guys, gay marriage not treated as normal, and someone praying near a government building. Another scenario is someone in government preferring morality to perversion. Your dollars to the ACLU, they promise, will help prevent such travesties.

The Center for Reproductive Rights in New York wants you to be a Friend of CRR and help prepare for the battles ahead by paying them to fight the battles for you. They especially like partial birth abortion but don’t describe the procedure to their readers.

They have counted 650 anti-abortion bills proposed in 2005, and that tells them that America is in the grip of a new and frightening fundamentalism. CRR President Nancy Northup is willing to do your fighting for you in the battles ahead for just about any amount of money you want to send.

Pro-Aborts Praise Durbin—Church Silent

Among other pro-aborts clamoring for your dollars are Howard Dean for the Democratic National Committee, and Al Gore for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee which is solely committed to electing a Democratic Senate in November.

In its Illinois Brief Fall 2006 issue, the ACLU of Illinois honors Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin for, among other things, his leadership on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Reproductive Choice. This fine upstanding gentleman lays claim to being a good Catholic and receives Holy Communion, while fighting mightily to keep the gruesome Partial Birth Abortion legal and support embryonic stem cell experiments.

If we were in charge, no priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago would be allowed to give Durbin Communion until he had made a good confession and quit supporting abortion. But we’re not in charge.

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