So Only 1 in 10,000 Women Happy About Abortion, “Ms.”?

Hats off to the “iron” pro-lifers up in Duluth, MN who held a 25th anniversary celebration of Pro-Life Action Ministries, which was started back in 1981 by two laymen who later formed an order of Franciscan Brothers. The work of the Ministries is similar to that of the league: activism based on prayer.

I spoke to the group Monday night and my invitation for an even greater show of activism was enthusiastically received. Brother Paul O’Donnell, who was very active in the effort to save Terri Schiavo from a starvation death last year in Florida, gave the 25th Anniversary Overview.

Ms. Magazine Shoots Itself in the Foot

We understand the current issue of Ms. Magazine includes a list of over one-thousand names of women who are proud that they had their children exterminated by abortion. The editors of Ms. claim to have five-thousand such testimonials, too many to run in their quarterly magazine.

Sad and sick as this Elly Smeal idea is, it still says nothing of much significance since there have been more than 50 million abortions since 1973. Even if this list does include 5,000 authentic names, they represent only one “happy-with-my-abortion” woman for every 9,999 who are not boasting about their abortions—and who are living with who knows how much guilt and sorrow.

One of the pleased-with-my-abortion ladies said that at first she was ashamed and afraid that she would be found out—after all she was a good Catholic girl—but her life turned out wonderful. She pointed out all the good things she has “instead of” the baby who would now be a young man or woman who could make her proud and give her love.

The way she said, “Instead of” sent ice cold chills down my back. Instead of someone to call her “Mom” and love her, she has some inanimate objects like a white carpet and some dime-store bobbles. We think Ms. and Elly Smeal shot themselves in the foot again with this sad list of abortophiles.

Our Lady Vigil Saves a Baby

At the rally with the 38-foot Statue of Our Lady of the New Millennium last Saturday across from Family Planning Associates on Washington Street in Chicago, a mother and father who had taken their daughter to have an abortion at the mill handed us a note for Bishop John Manz who officiated at the ceremony. It said they had decided against the abortion when they saw the devout group praying across the street, and that they wanted to thank the Bishop and the pro-lifers for being there. They even gave their phone number so we can keep in touch with them during their daughter’s pregnancy.

This single save—the one we know about—makes the whole vigil worth all the effort it took to carry it out. A human life was saved. Praise the Lord and thanks to all who came out Saturday or helped in any way to make the vigil a huge success.

Disgraced Foley a Pro-Abort

In case you were wondering, Life Advocacy Briefing assures us that disgraced former Republican congressman from Florida, Mark Foley, had a mostly pro-abortion voting record. It figures.

Ten Signs of a Liberal

A University of Chicago Law professor Geoffrey Stone gives us the ten signs of a liberal in a Chicago Tribune column. Among other funny things he says are that liberals doubt their own truths, support the ERA, gay rights and abortion, oppose school prayer and creationism, and support the funding of stem-cell research. And these are just the good things they do. And this from a militant liberal supporter.

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