Pro-Life Addresses Ms. Magazine “I Had an Abortion” Campaign

This week, Ms. magazine announced that next week’s fall issue will feature a cover story titled “We Had Abortions,” accompanied by the names of thousands of women nationwide who signed a petition declaring just that. The voluminous pro-life response to this shameless campaign has been spot-on.

Pro-Life Responds to Ms. Magazine Campaign

Less than an hour after the Associated Press story on the “We Had Abortions” campaign was posted, pro-life blogger Dawn Eden noted its blatant bias:

For balance, [AP Writer David] Crary uses a perfunctory quote from Judie Brown of American Life League—calling the Ms. project “evil”—which he simply grabbed from a previously published report. The rest of his report consists of new quotes from the Ms. staff and women who contributed to the magazine’s article. Nowhere does he solicit quotes from leaders of established organizations like Operation Outcry and Silent No More who have had abortions and have attempted to give their side of the story to Ms. editors.

Dawn then draws attention to a priceless exchange of correspondence between such women who now regret their abortions, and the Ms. Editors, who showed exactly no interest in listening to these women speak about their horrific abortion experiences.

Meanwhile, another group of women with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign spoke out yesterday about their tragic abortion experiences on the streets of Midtown Manhattan, literally just blocks away from the headquarters of ABC, CBS, and NBC. Yet, not surprisingly, although no less sadly, these women’s public testimonies registered not a blip on the radar screen at any of the Big Three’s newscasts.

Irish Pro-Aborts Afraid To Debate

Who’s Afraid of a Debate with a Pro-Lifer? Every pro-abort in Dublin, apparently.

The indomitable Irish group Youth Defence was planning to defend the pro-life position last week at a debate to be held at the nation’s largest university. The debate never happened. Youth Defence reports:

The Literary and Historical Society of UCD, Ireland’s largest university, were forced to cancel a debate on abortion scheduled for Wednesday 27th September. The debate was called off on the day that it was supposed to have been held amid controversy that the L&H society could not secure a speaker to go head to head with a representative from Youth Defence who was also participating in the debate.

Approximately 4 weeks ago Youth Defence were contacted by Ross Mc Guire of the L&H society and asked to participate in a debate that this group were organising for the 27th of September.

A spokesman for Youth Defence reported, “When I agreed to do the debate I was told by Mr McGuire that I would be the pro-life spokesperson, that they were securing somebody from the Well Woman clinic to uphold the pro-abortion position and that they would also be getting some student speakers to participate. I said all this was fine and that I was looking forward to the debate”.

On the day of the debate a worker from the Youth Defence office phoned Mr McGuire to enquire about the time of the debate and to confirm that it was still going ahead. They were told by Mr McGuire that things had changed and that it was now only going to be students of UCD participating in the debate.

Later on that day a YD member who studies in UCD spotted someone from the L&H society putting up cancellation notices over the posters that were advertising the intended the debate. When he questioned the L&H member about the debate he was told [that] it had been cancelled because they could not get anyone to defend the pro-abortion position. He was told that the L&H society had 2 pages of contact details for pro-abortion agencies and groups and that from this they couldn’t get anyone to commit.

[Our] understanding is that the debate was first changed to involve students only because they could not get someone to oppose Youth Defence and then it was eventually cancelled because they could not get enough support for the pro-abortion position. Either way, it seems to be a poor show for the so called “pro-choice” movement in Ireland.

A “poor show”, indeed. As Eric Scheidler noted in the story on our recent “Contraception Is Not the Answer” conference—on the League’s website as of Thursday—”The pro-abort crowd is scared. They should be.”

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