Parental Notification Law Revived in Illinois

Two-hundred-and-fifty smart people will attend the first-ever national conference on the negative effects of contraception on society this Friday and Saturday at Chicago’s Crowne Plaza O’Hare in Rosemont. Eight experts will address abstinence, the family, human relationships, faith and society, marriage, male identity, the demographics of contraception, culture and morality.

This intense training will prepare participants to face the barrage of lies and misconceptions that surround America’s golden calf, contraception, the root cause of America’s cesspool morality. We hope to see you there.

Illinois Parental Notification Restored

Our hat is off to those tireless workers who have helped bring a parental notification law back to life in Illinois. Surrounded by 34 states that have such laws, Illinois has been sitting for the past ten years with a parental notification law on the books but totally and deliberately ignored by judges bound to draw up guidelines so the law could go into effect.

Now, through the efforts of people like Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Thomas, DuPage Country Republican State’s Attorney Joe Birkett, Concerned Women of America Illinois Director Karen Hayes, Attorney Thomas Brejcha of the Thomas More Society Pro-Life Law Center, all seven current judges on the Illinois court, as well as others, the law now has judicial guidelines and will soon go into effect.

Undoubtedly the ACLU will fight it because they’ve never seen an abortion they didn’t like, while the pro-abortion Democrats will soon be trying to explain to abortion-bound teenyboppers why they now need Mom and Dad’s permission before killing their grandchild.

The ACLU has killed four parental notification laws passed in Illinois since 1984. They call parental notification laws, “traumatic” for young girls. Have they ever got a lot to answer for!

Same Sex Attraction Can Be Reversed

Nancy Heche is a Christian author who writes that homosexuals can be cured of their disorder and become straight. Last week Leslie Baldacci told Heche’s story in the Chicago Sun-Times and today’s letters express shock and horror that anyone cold think homosexuals can be cured.

The fact is that they not only can, but often are. It takes determination and support, but it is doable. We have met a number of cured former homosexuals. So don’t tell us it can’t be done. One letter claims that gays are born gay, while another says there is no cure. Wrong.

Press Defends Benedict

Hats off to Kathleen Parker for her excellent and rational explanation of Pope Benedict’s carefully thought out lecture at the University of Regensburg, Germany, last week, in which the Holy Father quoted from a centuries-old debate between a Persian and a Christian on faith and reason. His quote was totally legitimate. She wonders why this issue can no longer be debated rationally, when it once was.

Also, another hurrah for Jack Higgins of the Chicago Sun-Times who has the guts to produce a cartoon showing Muhammad attacking the pope with drawn sword and shouting, “Islam violent? How Dare you?!” A dead nun lies in front of a mountain of human skulls, while the pope says, “Well . . . mountain came WITH Muhammad.”

This took guts. People are calling Pope Benedict, “The Brave.” Well, so is Jack Higgins.

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