A Day That Will Live In Infamy

You remember exactly where you were and what you were doing on Sept. 11, 2001, five years ago today. It’s that kind of event. And five years from now and fifty years from now it will just as clear in your mind: when you first heard about planes flying into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and crashing into a Pennsylvania field.

A Day That Will Live In Infamy

World changing events stick in the mind. I remember everything about December 7, 1941. Where I was, who I was with, the weather, as clear as yesterday. And you will never completely be able to ignore stories, columns, letters to the editors, books, movies, TV documentaries abut 911, either. It was just too mind boggling, too unreal.

For many of us there’s yet another date we will never forget. Just like December 7, and 911, for us there’s January 22, 1973. That’s the day America began the extermination of its posterity. Yes, the day the good old US of A solemnly resolved to commit suicide and fall into the state of mortal sin.

Of the three terrible dates, probably January 22 has turned out to be the most disastrous. It’s true that we lost hundreds of thousands of American lives in World War II, and nearly 3,000 lives in the 911 tragedy. But it took January 22 to hand us fifty-million deaths.

Of the terrible three dates we remember because they are so terrible, which one do you think is truly the most disastrous for America? Which do you think is most offensive to God? Think about it sometime today.

Pro-Life Victory in Granite City

But here’s a success story to lighten up the day. The annual Granite City Labor Day Parade master minds had said absolutely “NO” to allowing pro-lifers to even stand along the parade route holding the pictures of aborted babies, but with a little help from Chicago’s Thomas More Society, Judge Bill Stiehl said the pro-lifers had a constitutional right to be at the annual Granite City Labor Day Parade with their pictures.

So the small cadre of pro-life activists led by Angela Michael stood their ground along the route despite insults, pro-aborts trying to cover up their signs with everything from umbrellas to a large American flag, and the usual cat calls and insults.

But at the end of the hour-long Labor Day Parade they got lots of questions from a curious press, and reported lots of thumbs up, some “God bless you for being here” encouragement, while they reported that not a few bystanders joined their little group and held up the scary pictures of what Americans do to their helpless, unborn children— about four-thousand times every day.

And Angela couldn’t help but consider the sparse number of people in the march, figuring those 400,000 people killed in the Granite City abortion Mill during the past 32 years is beginning to show. Thanks for your courage, Angela.

Yet Another Abortion Clinic CLOSED

And more good news out of Ohio. The Ohio Department of Health has ordered that a late term abortion clinic in Cleveland shut its doors due to more than a dozen code violations. The Center for Women’s Health was informed that its license will not be renewed after inspectors discovered that the mill personnel were not following even the most rudimentary standards, such as taking a patient’s temperature or blood pressure before a late term abortion.

Abortionist Martin Ruddock, who does partial birth abortions, didn’t think the rules applied to him. Also, he was not linked up with a hospital to handle his emergencies, a requirement for all free standing abortion facilities.

These dumps are closing fast, with the summer’s toll including mills in Ohio, Alabama, Florida and California. There may be another nearby state added momentarily. Stay tuned.

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