League To Return to Hostile Mundelein, Illinois

Last July 8, a Saturday, the Pro-Life Action League conducted a routine Face the Truth tour in Mundelein, IL at Town Line Road and Lake Street, also known as Route 60 and Rt. 45. Shortly after we had set up our lines of pictures of what abortion looks like, Mundelein police began arriving and ordered us to cease and desist our educational program.

League Returns to Hostile Mundelein

The Mundelein Police referred to some kind of village ordinance that prohibited marching and gathering. We pointed out that we were not marching and that these long lines spreading out in four directions did not constitute a gathering, and besides, in the 220-odd tour sites we have visited during the past seven years, our own First Amendment Rights to protest abortion, based on our Constitutional right to peacefully exercise our right to free speech, superceded any and all village ordinances.

But, to no avail. We were told, as more and more of Mundelein’s finest, along with police from neighboring towns and villages gathered, that if we did not pack up and leave we would all seventy be arrested, men, women and children, and that our signs would be confiscated.

While many of our sign-holders were willing to be arrested, our attorney thought it best for the moment to pack up and leave with the clear intention of returning to this site at a future date.

That date is this Wednesday, September 6. We will return to Mundelein and hold our Truth Tour at two locations, first at 8 AM to 9:30 a.m. at Route 176 and Carmel Parkway and from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. at Town Line Road and Lake Street, the site we were originally driven from in July. Our attorney has notified police that we will be there and we expect there to be no arrests. Check back for a full report of what happened Wednesday.

Yet Another Abortuary CLOSED

There’s still more good news about shut-down abortion clinics, this one out of Daytona Beach, Florida. On September 5 defiant abortionist Randall Whitney stopped doing the baby killings at the Family Planning Center in Daytona Beach rather than try to comply with state regulations governing the grizzly business. This makes eleven abortuaries nationwide closed since June.

Unfortunately, three abortuaries have reopened in Florida, but eight remain shut down. Whitney, who calls himself a modified Christian, says he’ll do abortions in Orlando with a fellow abortionist. He says he sleeps well and doesn’t worry about what the fetus might have been if he hadn’t killed it.

Whitney once worked for notrorious abortionist James Pendergraft, who had five clinics closed in Orlando in August, based on a whole menu of violations. All of which lends truth to the abortion profiteers series that pointed out time and again that legal abortion is worse than the old back alley illegal ones.

Plan B Pills Reap Huge Profits for Planned Parenthood

More on the new suicide-murder drug, Plan B. Planned Parenthood in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota dished out Plan B free of charge to all comers for a day and then continued selling the drug for $25 a kit, for which they pay Barr Pharmaceuticals $4.25 a kit, handing PP a $20.75 profit per kit.

PP made $15 million in profit on Plan B in 2003 alone. Even though it’s now over-the-counter, PP will be able to undercut retail stores. Barr has promised to keep the price high for retailers, so PP can go on making a killing on Plan B.

And people say Satan doesn’t exist. But Satan isn’t always in the drivers seat, even when he wins a big one like Plan B over the counter—it seems that quite a few pharmacists don’t want to stock Plan B, that there isn’t any demand for it in some locals, and that some pharmacists actually have moral qualms about selling a product that destroys innocent human life. Others are worried about legal problems when Plan B starts killing off pill-poppers. We’ll be watching.

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